VIDEO: Cozmo Mumba Visits PF Secretariat, Addresses The Media



  1. First and foremost, the Police did well to stop you from entering the PF secretariat because you are not PF. What did you even go there for? Don’t you have your own secretariat? Common sense tells us that if two people are fighting and you are the nearest person to the place they are fighting from, you can rush there and separate them or stop them without necessarily supporting any of them. Even when countries are involved in conflicts, peace keepers from other countries are sent for peace keeping purposes, they don’t support any of the conflicting countries. So the presence of the police at PF secretariat is just for peace keeping purposes and nothing else. For example, if GL group also decides to hold its convention today and deem it fit to request for the presence of the Police, they just need to notify the PIG and the Police will be provided, simple. But that does not mean that the Government supports their faction, no. We don’t want mayhem in our peaceful country and start destroying the good economic gains that the new dawn has already made, we don’t want chaos, it will just scare the investors and erode their confidence in our Government. This is not PF where cadrerism and lawlessness were the order of the day. It is the duty of every Government to protect each of its citizens and property regardless of one’s party affiliation. Those people who are in conflict with the law are the ones who always have problems and are endlessly complaining even blaming innocent people but those who are law abiding are always at peace. The Registrar of Societies said let the opposition political parties hold conventions and submit the names of their elected office bearers, this condition is as simple as swallowing water. But because of pride, arrogance and stubbornness, the other group down played or ignored the directive while the other group complied and did the right thing. I am sure the Government through the Registrar’s office just wants names not only from PF but from all other opposition parties, be them SP, CF, Zambia will Prosper, PEP, EEP, EFF, NDC, APC and so on. But how those names are selected or picked is entirely each party’s own business and the Government is not involved in any way. Had GL group submitted the names first, the Registrar could have equally received their names and other group could have had no chance. So PF and their sympathizers should stop the blame game for their own blunders, Sampa has already out played them This time we want order, there are a lot of one man parties that exist in the country and if they fail to comply with the Register’s directive, then they have to go because they are serving no purpose.


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