1. We told Kanpyongo when he bought these military grade armoured vehicles that one day they would be used against him and his party.

    Even Hakainde we are telling him that one day he will be on the receiving end of these dictatorship methods. It is not rocket science.

    Trouble is that no one listens to free advice.

    • The advantage Hakainde has is that he started from the receiving end so it will not happen to him again and he is trying by all means to teach people good manners so that such nonsense may not happen again

  2. Keep a tight lid on that thing! If anything, raze it down!
    It’s a cesspool of political fornication and civil strife!
    We should put an end to the number one terrorist organization in the history of Zambia!
    Maintain vigilance!
    Zabwino Palibe apa!


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