VIDEO: ECL Mobbed by Citizens as they sing Alebwelelapo



  1. Ba PF, Just continue eating the money he stole. Part of it was given to Faith but he still has alot to share with you. However, he will never ” bwelelapo ” to steal again. You will be shocked in 2026. You think Zambia is Lusaka……wait. meanwhile, one by one, you have to go to court for raping the economy.

  2. Yeah!! Truth be known. It will take more than fanky songs and slogans to convince us again.

    We want brains now. We have danced enough. Tell us what strategic plan you have to sort out what you created.

    Don’t forget actions have repercussions. We are here mostly due to your past mischievous actions.

    With no change of atitudes or players you want another go at leadership. Why? Wont you cmpletely and irreparably destroy the whole country?

    It is not by force guys. We are not going back there no matter how much you dance and sing and chant. It wont Happen.

    Your greatest challenge here is not even UPND. Far from it. It’s us the voters. We have not forgotten what you did and your true nature.


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