1. Just look at how un mannered criminals can be, pure pablos attitude of superiority. Honestly with his stinky feet on the chair!!!!????

  2. You can tell the pomposity and self entitlement! He sits like that on a chair in a public place. I first so this type of sitting at the government rented house when they got together after Sampa shocked them. Besides the man has no personality. I still don’t understand how he managed to become president.

    • The way Mr. Lungu is sitting is the healthiest way of sitting, but normally on floor. Google to appreciate the benefits of crossleg sitting posture. I sit everyday on floor for at least an hour.
      Mr. Lungu is a free citizen of Zambia. He was our President as is Mr. Hakainde today. No man is perfect and no one will ever be.
      Let us celebrate life.
      On political front, there shall be changed, my suggestions to set the ball rolling:
      (1)Right to recall the President, Vice President and unseating of the Speaker. If at any time 10% of registered voters or 20% of total votes cast in last elections vote to recall any of the above.
      (2) Right to recall any of the above if 75% of opposition MPs and 20% of ruling party MPs vote in a secret voting.
      (3) If the ruling party does not achieve at least 75% of its Manifesto promises at the end of each year of its promised achievements. It is imperative, each presidential candidate will have to issue a Manifesto, file it with ECZ, listing it’s course of half-yearly achievements. If he fails in both half yearly benchmarks he stands dismissed. If fails by a margin of 20%, he can achieve it by next half year.
      (4) Any failure in non achievement is 3 half years will disqualify his political party and all it’s MPs for next 2 years.

  3. Sitting on the floor with legs crossed is indeed healthy.
    However, doing the same on the chair, and in public for that matter, is simply very bad manners!


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