VIDEO: Edgar Chagwa Lungu breaths fire at police



  1. Kikikiki … A Dyonko of your own medicine and you are convulsing?
    We have not been buying Teargas as a country because there is still a huge Stockpile you left.
    Maybe it’s time to use it on the owners, mwaya sana!
    And police should follow up on the statement ECL has made circulating on Zambian Watchdog where he is insinuating that President HH will be made to leave office before 2026 elections.
    What treasonous activities is ECL up to?
    Boma iyanganepo!
    We don’t want confirmed Rebel leaders distabilizing our Ziko la mutendele!
    It’s time to squeeze the balls!
    People need to behave like grown ups!
    If they missed out on discipline during their childhood days, let’s give it to them now!
    Ba New Dawn, if you want to risk the peace of this country by treating troublemakersbwith kid gloves, it’s you we’ll hold liable for your dereliction of duty!
    Lock them up!

  2. Lungu didn’t breath any fire! It was just bitterness and confusion plus bad oxygen. A former Head of state reducing himself to a Cadre! Even a very stupid person wouldn’t do that. But this is what happens when thieves are let loose!

  3. Under the new dawn there is rule of law. PS Pilato was arrested how many.times. Its our time also to arrest them. They cant win elections because we have our people from UPND at ECZ. So you PF you cant win elections.


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