• This is not about HH but PF leadership. ECL was hiding under Lubinda and without Miles Sampa, he would have surfaced by the year 2025/2026.
      What is he going to do that he failed to do when he was in politics?
      Court cases will never be exosted rapidly just because he has returned into active politics. ECL is a thief. He wanted to eat our taxes in the name of sick and hide.

  1. Now we will see Hakainde should his full repertoire of his dictatorship prowess.

    The choice voters have to make is whether to have a much better cost of living under ECL, but have cadres back. On corruption, Hakainde is probably worse. Same as on oppressing opposition. Then their is the LGBT rights that Hakainde is a true champion of.

    But the real choice will be cost of living Vs cadres.

  2. We have to wait and see how the 1.8 will receive this ECL’s come back to active politics, of course others are happy while others are not happy. As for Lungu, the government will know how to handle him, you know that he has been under the care of the government since he lost power under the guise of former president. It may be similar to the story of illegal ministers who ended up refunding the money to the state. Otherwise being or coming back to active politics is every citizen’s democratic right as long as he is eligible.

    • Very interesting observation. The alternative is fight Miles and the court proceedings will be interesting. Not forgetting that he has to payback all he got from government to date.

  3. The PF constitution is very clear on matters relating to rejoining the party.
    Ecl is just an ordinary member.
    Ecl defeated Miles in 2015 but Miles has beaten ecl & company in 2023 using the same formula.
    Miles is not PF President till 2026.

  4. Kikikikikiki. Too late! He has to form another party. PF is now under Hon. Miles Sampa. He is still being deceived the way he was in the run up to 2021 elections. Unga can be at K500 and we will still vote HH. He wants to take us back to beibg defaulters of debt. I cant wait fir 2021 to have him humiliated again and in a worse manner.

  5. Is ECL even eligible seeing his third term attempt was treason he got away with thanks to the inept successors?
    Zambia is not short of leaders.
    ECL had his time.
    It’s time for other Zambians to govern.
    ECL and HH have to be retired for good in 2026!
    The only thing PF is after is the Kasaka kandalama.
    If Zambians make the mistake of going back kumalushi, let God make them suffer for another 500 years!

  6. ECL was never out of politics,Lubinda,Nakacinda, Mundubile and Co knew this fact.Pf will of course base their strengths,among other things on e.g.the current increase of gay freedom under upnd, increased mealie meal prices,general high cost of living in Zambia,alleged high levels of scandals, alleged regionalism in public office appointments, lamented about dwindling democratic space today in Zambia n so forth and so on…..But the factors are one Upnd leadership,how they will come out of these alleged challenges and how the Zambian voters will weigh the two loads; of v upnd .Casteism can be managed more easily than gayism because the latter has foreign powerful tagging,attached to it.Their could be agreements entered to allow them free surfing,allegedly.Christian declaration is another thorn issue; Zambians believe in the Bible,so anything anti Christianity may backfire.Regionalism is cancer and must be faught and beaten,regardless whether it is in revenge or otherwise.Politics being what it is we are likely to see various developments politically in Zambia with ECL finally announcing his official coming back to politics.A better Zambia for all Zambians wouldn’t be a bad achievement and target !!

  7. Lungu is seriously sick. Just look at the way he is behaving, a seriously visionless man who has developed stage 5 dementia which is incurable.

  8. Lungu will now have his immunity lifted and will spend most of the time being arrested and prosecuted for the so many cases against him , and most likely be jailed.
    Those who have been encouraging this man really hate him. Lungu has really messed up himself big time and will soon regret taking such a step.
    And he has Miles Sampa to contend with. Or maybe he is gullible to look upon Sampa as a pushover. But Sampa has the backing of the law.

  9. The problem again is “I want to come and deal with these people by all means”…..muli anger muli voice yaba former president of pf,…..?anyway,he is a big man.so tomorrow, let all benefits be counted, we share mu zambia. .

  10. Icipuba ninshi calitumpa cena. No normal Zambian misses thieves, looters and plunderers, we will soon see the idiots queueing up before different courts with no time to campaign or to organize PF2.

    It has happened before, it will not fail to happen now. STUPID IDIOTS.

  11. He want problems no peace this Edgar lungu of yours,a normal person can not support this man who ligalized tribalism, police brutality, land grabbing, cadrism and gassing.please ZNBC start airing all the bad things PF criminals did to us


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