ECL has to reapply, then we give him 3 years probation, if he behaves well then we accept him back in the party.- PF SG Ng’ona


  1. Anyone who resigned from the PF and wish to rejoin the party, all they have to do is call a press conference and anounce their return to the political outfit. They can even reclaim their old party post. If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander. The Edgar Lungu precedent has already been set.

    • He never resigned! Just withdrawn his resignation.PF never accepted his letter of resignation in writing.Clear?

  2. Reapplication is the only constitutional way to go, this time there will be no short cuts. No show of hands, no waking up of Judges at night, he just has to follow the laid down procedures. PF is not a personal to holder party for some people to use their own rules. The former president has to also notify the Cabinet officially about his decision to rescind the retirement decision and forego the benefits, this is pure abdication of his former President status. Naka immunity manje is at stake, it can be removed at any time,

  3. Ba Monze naimwe, does the PF constitution say the PF have to accept his resignation for it to be effective? Which organ of the PF? Why then was he ILLEGALLY living off government RETIREMENT BENEFITS?

    If you resign from a position, it does not matter whether your employer or organisation accepts your resignation or not, you just walk away.

    However, if it is true that he did not resign, then he must at the very least pay back all that he consumed during his fake retirement. It amounts to fraud. This is not a problem since he has unexplained wealth to the tune of US$790million by some estimates.

  4. Ba ngona, what are you doing to yourself. Are you really serious with this childish narrative of yours. Come on. We do respect you mu Emmasdale now this shows poverty of your mind for sure. You can do better


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