VIDEO: Edgar Lungu says he will remove free education when he comes back to power

Edgar Lungu

Former president Edgar Lungu says he will remove free education when he comes back to power because it has compromised the quality of learning!


    • Free education isn’t doing Zambia any better. Any sane person strives to send their child to an expensive school not a free one. Giving free education to people simply means the government is failing to provide good jobs or a thriving economy in which citizens will be able to manage good schools. Instead of free GRZ was simply supposed to improve these school’s learning standards to at least mirror that of a private. By even reducing pupil teacher ratio through building a lot of schools.

  1. This is where the imbecility and infantile idiocy of Zambian Politicians enter the Guiness Book of World Records: UNIP destroyed any economic Foundation the British Colonialists left behind; MMD destroyed whatever economic Foundation UNIP left; PF criticised whatever Foundation MMD left; UPND criticised whatever Foundation PF left behind; now fileumfwika ati nabo abo ba UKA inga babwelelapo they want to reverse whatever UPND has done?Why don’t we, as a country, strengthen and build the Foundation left by those who came before us? We are very destructive. We like always “reinventing the Wheels” and starting from Square A.

  2. He will remove amashinsha pa musula wakwe. Period. Zambians can never go back to their vomits, they consider this idiot and his co thieves as faeces only suitable for sewer line. STUPID IDIOT.

  3. When will be that because you will never come back to presidency again. Nga mu Kaunda twalesambilila shani? Kaunda is on record to have produced some of the best students not only in Zambia but in Africa and the World at large. Lungu himself is a product of Kaunda’s free education, has he forgotten?

  4. The biggest problem in zambia is we lose sight of what is important because of politics and politicians. You all discuss free education without including the educators in the discussion. And funny enough the politicians who advocate for these policies know better enough than to let these politicies decide their childrens future.

  5. Please remove his immunity before he removes free education. It’s not a secret that Edgar stole from zambians. Assemble a strong case and let him face the courts. If Edgar is let free then nothing will have been achieved towards fight against corruption. He was the captain, he led the way so he deserves stiffer punishment than others. A Lawyer who can steal from his client , a widow for that matter is heartless. His second assets declaration is also a clear evidence that the man was dangerous. The variance was too much ! Don’t fear him angatumpa sana. Let him be an example that laws of Zambia must always be respected.

  6. Is this what the UKWA have to offer? They are already in self destruct mode.

    Next, they will say, “we will remove student allowance”.

    This is ECL at his best. No wonder UKWA donot allow him to answer questions from the press at their briefings. The gentleman is a loose cannon.

  7. This chikala, satanyoko is still talking $hit
    Why do media outlets even give him oxygen to speak!!!!!!!!.
    He should breath arsenic instead and rot to death. Panyo


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