The house for Mambilima member of Parliament (MP,) Jean Chisenga has gone up in flames.

Chisenga is the MP called out President Hakainde Hichilema in parliament that he was a liar. She was part of the entourage of former president Edgar Lungu to Kabwe last Friday.

According to the PF Chisenga now fears for her life after her house mysteriously caught fire on Monday afternoon.

The entire house has been burnt to ashes with all her household goods gone.

Even the quick response by the Lusaka Fire Brigade failed to save the property and household goods as the firestorm swept the house.

Chisenga had just stepped out when she was immediately called back informing her that a fiery fire had engulfed her house.

Recently, Chisenga called President Hichilema, a pathological liar, during his address to Parliament on national values and principles.

Speaker of the National Assembly proceeded to suspend Chisenga for a period of thirty days determining that her conduct to remind the President of his failed campaign promises was unparliamenterian.

The UPND have pledged that they will deal with all critics of President Hakainde Hichilema.

Recently in Mongu, Alliance for Democracy and Development (Zambia) President and nominated MP, Charles Milupi appealed to UPND National Youth Chairperson, Gilbert Liswaniso to firmly deal with all those criticising President Hichilema.


  1. The author of this report is accusing people. What caused the fire? Where did the fire begin? When did she drunkenly call the head of state a liar? Why didn’t they set her house on fire then? This is slander but she needs to bring in experts to find out the cause.

    • This looks like another one of bwamba idiotic schemes to start his alarming finger pointing chapwa. Very stupid pfidiots!!!!

  2. Am not an expert with fires but the fire reduced all to a rubble and also the ceiling and the roof gone. I’ll ‘d like to know the paint used inside the house coz there’s no sign of smoke! Or most likely this tart was staging all this in her usual drunken stoop???

    • Elo this same house without burnt doors or door frames, windows or window frames? Bitch must’ve been totally splashed when doing this OMG!!!!!

  3. Journalist please desist from irrelevancy issues in your article. The report is all about the fire simply as that. Fire is caused by suspected arson which could by means of Parsons if you suspect so. Other than that you could have been investigative by a quick inquiry to zesco, architect or scientists to determine how the house wiring, what building materials was used, households eg did a maid leave something on brazier etc in this load shedding periods, was an amateur connection done by use of a geneset through electrical main lines and somebody forgot to reinstate when zesco was power was reconnected. In a mature society that’s journalism reporting. Let help build the country by isolating irrelevancy and cut short reports.

  4. If we had a party that used to burn markets across the country and accuse UPND so that people can rise against and not vote for UPND, it will not be surprising that the same former party in government can be behind this act.
    Remember the statement from Chagwa last Sunday???


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