This happened earlier today at woodlands stadium in Lusaka where Edgar Lungu went to practice his witchcraft but unfortunately football lovers booed him and his grouping and called them thieves.

Bakabwalala abo. This is what we need to be telling them. Football lovers were heard chanting.


  1. The people to blame in all this are Emmanuel Mwamba, Given Lubinda, Raphael Nakachinda, the list goes on. These people feel ECL owes them an election win and they can’t let him go until he wins it back. They are the ones forcing him to come back to active politics even if it meant losing his retirement benefits. You see now how they are embarrassing him in public. And tomorrow you will hear the same people saying that it’s HH doing all this. Today ECL has heard it for himself, was HH at Woodlands stadium? Is it only UPND supporters who were there? I believe even scores and scores of PF supporters were there and that was a strong message that they sent PF signaling that they are not happy with ECL’s agenda. They are not happy with what Given Lubinda, Raphael Nakachinda and Emmanuel Mwamba are doing. Through their actions, the party has completely lost direction, leave alone total confusion. Muleunfwa bane, ba Davies Chama told you and you did not want to listen. Nauja wa diaspora alimo mu group.

  2. I could you 3 UPND cadres booing while civilised folk watched them in disbelief and shock.

    Just when you think they can not get any lower.

    Their small god has failed to convict a single person from the past regime for corruption. And now he is the one being labelled as corrupt. And he is riddled with scandals. His wife’s family now even own gold mines. Before August 2021, they were just villagers herding cows and cleaning up cow dung. Now they own gold mines.

    Mufilika ni mufilika.

    • Just say HH is my god so we know because you are the only one who’ says he is a god. And clearly you don’t know the value of cattle that is why you mock people who have them. I can tell you that the same cow headers paid for the trip to UK for independence negotiations while you “smart” people contributed nothing towards the trip.
      Also these simple cattle headers are probably richer than your entire family and they are the ones feeding you with meat you consume.

  3. They say, When a man wants to hang himself just give him more rope.” It’s very clear that Mr. Edgar Lungu wants a worse humiliation than what happened at Heros Stadium on that day in August 2021. What’s more, the man has a lot of skeletons in his closet, so he better be careful. He may just be hastening his stay in prison.

  4. Lungu is not wanted , period. We don’t want pf. Stop thinking that because you meet pf supporters ku secretariate then it means you have support nooo it’s only from a few of them. You will cry musowa in 2026 just wait.

  5. Ba Upnd ubufi, imwe kuya bebele even if you tell 1 million lies about Edgar Lungu! Edgar was not booed he was infact being told ati “twafwa kunsala, 2026, ni Lungu . . .”! Mwaloba Ilya uma ba Upnd! Kuya bebele!


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