1. Bo Given what is your message here? Does Yo Maps represent all the Zambian people? Just like it is not every Zambian appreciates his music.

  2. How can a country develop with such low thinking leaders. The other time a leader was debating about shaving pubic hairs when his own people are hungry and wanted to here what is in it for them in the development cake. Shame on Politicians….maybe you should just go shave and tangle each other at your slaughter house motel.

  3. keep on consoling yourselves, we know that those are the words you would like to hear but the truth be told, PF will never come back.

  4. Who cares? Every idiot is entitled to their idiotic opinions, who are they and what do they think they are? STUPID IDIOTS.

  5. Most of the people in PF should realise that the rejection they received is generational, to protect their generation, they must start to change their names. Imagine me being on the panel and see a tumpyogo

  6. So? It is like JK (Dununa Reverse) saying he misses PF and wants it back. They benefited from the PF plunder of the treasury and might be finding it hard to earn a living through honest, hard work.

    Yo Maps might figure highly in Mr. Lubinda’s life. He us totally insignificant in my life.

    Only those who saw nothing wrong with or were beneficiaries of PF’s plundering and lawlessness would dream of having “ichipani” back.


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