Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Jack Mwiimbu, has assured that the country’s security wings are doing everything possible to find the reported missing Petauke Central Constituency Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Banda.Mr. Banda was reported missing to Twin Palm Police station yesterday, after his vehicle was found abandoned in Lusaka’s Meanwood area around 03:30 hours.

But speaking at Press Briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Mwiimbu said government has no interest to harm Mr. Banda, contrary to what is being insinuated by some members of the opposition, whom he said want to gain political mileage from the matter.
Mr. Mwiimbu urged citizens to stop issuing seditious and alarming statements on the matter and allow security wings to investigate the issue.

He said government will not hide anything but that the nation will be informed on every step of the investigation.
Mr. Mwiimbu said those insinuating government involvement in Mr. Banda’s disappearance want to incite the public against the government.

“The government has no hand in the missing of the MP for Petauke Central,” said Mr. Mwiimbu. He said there is no benefit for government in the missing of Mr. Banda.
Mr. Mwiimbu urged the members of the opposition to stop getting political mileage out of the matter but instead work with government to find Mr. Banda.

“Do not bring the name of President Hakainde Hichilema into ridicule over the matter,” warned Mr. Mwiimbu.

But speaking at a Press Briefing organised to demand for the immediate release of Mr. Banda, several opposition MPs who took turns to speak, maintained their accusation of government involvement into Mr. Banda’s disappearance.

And opposition National Democratic Congress leader, Saboi Imboela, who spoke at the same Press Briefing alleged that Mr. Banda’s disappearance has the UPND ‘s name written all over it.


  1. Its time UPND sued Saboi for defamation and prove that “their hand is written all over it”.

    People that make inflammory statement thinking they have immunity need to bear responisbility. Its the public that bears the brunt of wreckless people seeking political mileage in the name of seeking public office.
    While freedom of movement is a right. Jayjay was out at an akward hour placing a risk on himself and an act of a irresponisble adult. What married man will lecture others about correct behaviour, while driving from home to home at that hour? Zambia deserves leaders with exemplary conduct and behaviour

  2. But your carders are captured on video promising to sort out ECL and JJ Banda. So what more evidence do you need? The spokesperson is even heard saying that “we do not play in Southern Province”.

  3. UPND needs to wake up!
    Stop being at the tail end of this propaganda war UKA is playing!
    Not long ago, UKA abducted Chilufya Tayali and whisked him out of the country! Today, he is making noise from the safety of a foreign country many miles away! It’s amazing how Chilufya Tayali managed to leave the country unnoticed! It means New Dawn Intelligence is dead! How could a person leave the country unnoticed?
    The alleged abduction of JJ does not add up.
    UKA members seem to know better than Police about what happened since UKA does not want to wait for Boma to conclude investigations.
    Let’s keep a close eye on the Snake!
    It’s up to much mischief!
    This is UKA inside job!

  4. Jackie Mwiimbu, you are lying because you want to eliminate Jay Jay Banda and cause by election so that you can win the election and improve your numbers in Parliament.
    Your evil intentions and acts will not take you anywhere but to a place where you will be living in fear that others will harm and destroy you too. However, uses a sword will die from the sword. You call yourselves Christians and always on Saturdays attending church gatherings but immediately you finish the prayers you turn to dark deeds . Shame on you . When peace is not gained, strengthened, natured and restored there is no peace for anyone to enjoy. You are destroying the peace in a blink of an eye and you will pay dearly. Power is not earned through evil deeds , hatred, tribalism, regionalism, anarchy, corruption, one tribal becomes the ultimate weapon of massive destruction. HH please see the dangers the police have started disclosing the disturbing truth. You can appointment three senior police officers from Southern in one province and four Lonzi or North westerners. The scheme is seen and not healthy . They will not shut the streets of angry people


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