The government has officially revoked the retirement benefits and privileges previously extended to former President Edgar Lungu. The decision follows Mr. Lungu’s return to active politics, a move that has led to the withdrawal of his retirement benefits in accordance with the Benefits of Former Presidents Act.

Information and Media Minister Cornelius Mweetwa made this announcement during a press briefing held in Kitwe, explaining that Section 5 of the Benefits of Former Presidents Act stipulates the conditions under which such benefits can be withdrawn. According to the Act, a former President’s retirement benefits and privileges can be revoked if they actively engage in politics after their term in office.

Mr. Mweetwa emphasized that the ruling party is not threatened by Mr. Lungu’s return to active politics. The decision to withdraw his retirement benefits is based on the legal framework established by the Benefits of Former Presidents Act, which aims to uphold the principles of political neutrality for former heads of state.

In a separate development, more milling companies have expressed interest in producing and distributing the Zambia National Service (ZNS) branded mealie meal across the nation. Minister Mweetwa disclosed that the government is currently engaged in discussions with these millers who seek to provide affordable mealie meal to the Zambian public.

He assured that the ZNS-branded mealie meal will be made available in all areas of the country where it has not yet been distributed. This initiative is in line with the government’s commitment to ensuring food security and affordable essential commodities for its citizens.

Addressing another issue, Minister Mweetwa refuted claims made by opposition political parties regarding the importation of genetically modified organism (GMO) mealie meal from South Africa to be sold in Zambia under the ZNS Eagles brand. He clarified that such allegations are unfounded, emphasizing that the government is committed to adhering to safety and quality standards in food production and distribution.


  1. PF well given leeway to dominate and disseminate propaganda while your party and government were watching. Kasanda was not suited for that position. She didn’t understand her role. When you’re in government you set the agenda on what’s happening in the country. You can’t be in government on the defensive. Government and the party need to employ at least 5 media specialists to lead and counter propaganda from the opposition. It’s not too late. I hope you listened to the pastor from Kitwe who had a message for Lungu.

  2. Lungu has put a rope on his own neck by coming back to active politics. That means ACC/DEC can now arrest him for crimes against Zambia.
    Lungu is a civilian surrounded by his thugs.
    What a chikala

  3. How shall we trust Lawyers again?
    Knowing the Law is one thing but having the MORAL CHARACTER to follow Laws and procedures is what is nauseatingly missing among Zambian Lawyers in general!
    One State Counsel was on every Anthill and mountain saying someone was not eligible to contest elections for the third time in 2021 having been SWORN TWICE to the office of president.
    Today, the same State Counsel says the same person is eligible to stand in 2026.
    What has changed?
    Are Lawyers trained to tell lies when it’s convenient?
    As Lawyers, we seem to be preoccupied with making money than building a Righteous and Truthful nation!
    Your reputation as a profession is at stake!
    A failed hostile nation will not spare anyone!
    Let us thrive to build our nation! We should guard against becoming co-authors of a failed state!


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