Saboi Imboela writes:

Heavy police presence at the aborted Tutwa Ngulube memorial service that was supposed to take place today in Kabwe. Fighting the living is not enough, they are now also fighting the dead. So UPND just doesn’t want to see people gather even for a memorial service? What kind of country is this surely? And the way HH smiles as he denies all this is very shocking. I’m very sure Hamasaka is involved with this….


  1. Awe sure Hakainde has completely lost the plot.

    How do you ban a memorial service because your enemy would attend?

    And yet some praise singers here will applaud this move by the police.

  2. That is for tutwas family not political party, you dull character. Let his family hold his memorial without pf party member see if they ll need to even getting a police permit. As long as you politicise his memorial to show case a plunderererererepf fuck your asses.

  3. If Tutwa was alive today, he’d have been with PF President Miles Sampa and you blocked him from attending. Did you think he’s family wouldn’t know ama panga yenu????


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