1. We are dealing with a sick man.Thats an accident scene, a crime scene and rescue teams should be working round the clock to search for survivors. He goes, five days late, brings UPND crowds from all over…to hold a Rally. Who does that mwebantu ? We have seen Presidents in USA, Europe, Africa, Asia responding to tragedies, they don’t hold political rallies at Accident Scenes. This man is in a different world.

  2. Lol. Every normal person would see this as a political or a show off rally than a concerned president’s empathetic comforting gathering. Red capet, a stage, chairs, nama 4 namuma. And that is supposed to be an incident site.
    Non of them even concerned, a place where we were supposed to see the president not give a time wasting 30min speech but put rescures busy and well tasked. Then a speech at last after retrieval.
    Man can’t just act even in natural circumstances you want to be giving fake promises. All he needed was a megaphone to shout a less than 2 min word of comfort and dissappear to get every update and offer leadership to the fire fighters and other experts involved.

    • He is in Africa the reason a RALLY HAD TO GO ON. And is he even going to make the dead come to life nobantu?? Moreover “let the dead burry the dead ” that’s what the Bible says. CARING PERSON IS noted BEFORE and AFTER the funeral not during the funeral. THE DEAD KNOWS nothing but our concern is for the leaving.

      HH &his government will take care of the needs of those families who lost loved ones.

  3. The rescue teams did not stop to listen to the consoling words from bakateka!
    He spoke very well and people’s tempestuous hearts have been consoled and pacified!
    One thing I liked from the speech is that the affected were not addressed as “Illegal Miners!”
    Walya kake aliye mulandu!
    We are not illegal miners on our own soil!
    Let the Mine Safety Department be shaken up to ensure that wherever mining is taking place, safety is observed!

  4. It’s true what they say that when you hate someone you will not see anything good in them. The president is not a trained rescuer so all he had to do is to encourage the people and comfort the affected but to the bitter people everything is wrong. If he said nothing, they would have complained, if he picked up a shovel they would have still complained that he is just showing off. There are already specialized people working at the site to retrieve the people. Why can’t people for once remove political lens and see things from a neutral point?

    • Some of us we gave up a long time ago on some specific Bloggers whose only daily preoccupation is to be Stalkers for one Political Leader. It is their Addictive Business and it seems they get a “boost and kick” from that Addiction, why should we deny them that Lifeline!!!


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