VIDEO: HH And Your People From Southern Province Never Step A Foot In Eastern Province- Munir Zulu


HH And Your People From Southern Province Never Step A Foot In Eastern Province, we Have Declared It A No Go Area For People – Munir Zulu


  1. This is nonsense. From this behaviour one can tell that all this is a put up thing to cause trouble in the country.

  2. This is emotionally-charged poppycock. HH has no time to respond to it. He’s concerned with the crises of electric power, drought-induced maize shortage which is resulting in mains water shortage as the utilities do not have enough power to pump water.

    • Do we have serious members of Parliament that can oppose the government ai or we just have comedians, should we import serious people with brains too sure to come help the opposition

  3. Veterans politicians from Eastern Province in the gravels are turning and feeling pity on statements coming from the MPs such as Honourable MZ .We are a in difficult times where we need emotional support especially to the family of JJ .Not those statements.

  4. This is a clear case of hate speech! Munir Zulu must be caged immediately to send s clear signal to the entire PF and UKWA. These things that they are stage managing will back fire and they will end up committing serious crimes.. Munir Zulu belongs to the prison!

    • It’s actually Hahate speach, like antisemitism, which is actionable in the courts,not against people from non-Zambezi provinces! Look at Imenda he’s as free as a bird!!!

  5. The snake said “Don’t underestimate me”.
    He is the one who has engineered this “abduction” to paint the government black and create a revolt.
    After the burning of that MP’s house and now this “abduction”, expect more of such manoeuvres.
    As for Nawakwi, everyone knows that she hated HH with passion. The rantings are so she can be arrested to attract public sympathy.

    • Before election 2021 such words were coming from PF criminals and it has started please police do something about this matter such careless talk can bring troubles in our country.zulu lusaka is not eastern province but belong bantustans you are insulting.

  6. Lungu’s thug Emmanuel Banda is just running away from his cases of murder and urinating into someone’s mouth!
    What’s this undernourished Munio ya Zulu on about. Let him go back to his Eastern province and nobody will miss him! What are they doing in our Bantu Botatwe Land.
    Let all these uncivilised people go back to wherever they came from. Nobody wants this orchestrated nonsense from foolish people like Kanio la Zulu. Lusaka is our ancestral land some of us. We never had Zulu, Mwale, etc where did they come from? Let them go with their foolish hudlums and thugs like Edgar Lungu, Munio ya Zulu, Chada Ngwira, etc. all of them idyots.
    We will defend our mother land from these idyots that have invaded it. Nobody cares about them anymore and we will take it in our hands to get rid of these thugs.

  7. When you look at the picture of Munir Zulu speaking up to the end, the question I ask is where were the adults or who was the adult in the room?
    This says a lot about the substance, integrity, honesty, mental and emotional intelligence of those that want to lead us.
    It’s frightening at the low level of intelligence in the political pool.

  8. When nonsense like this is allowed, people might start to believe that maybe the state is involved.
    When JJ resurfaces from his concubines place. He must be interrogated so tht anybody who was involved is perpetuating lies is brought to justice. Nawakwi, Changala and anybody who might be found guilt to have promulgated lies against the presidency should face the law.

  9. HH your time has come. You thought it is the peaceful Lozis who has been very diplomatic all these years including now when you are harrasing the Barotseland Nationalist youth. Deal with your same attitude backfiring on you. Milupi, Mwaliteta and Musamba what do you say to that? We are expecting a response. The Lozis had told you on many occasions that you will regret and remember them.

  10. Cage this idiot please, how do electorates put such chaps as their representatives? Just how does this idiot qualify as a member of parliament? This is real joke. Where is our country heading to with such idiots as parliamentarians?

    • This chap is busy sowing a very very bad seed that will germinate even 8yrs from now from his house and other houses and the fruits will go by wind to the whole country making Zambia no longer a peaceful country in the next 10yrs. Police and judges pls do something.

  11. And when did King Munir Zulu get crowned as Eastern Kingdom’s monarch? My wife is a Tonga and no little tin-pot dictator is going to bar her from my Village in Chiparamba. Go wash your mouth with soap, you drunk politician. H H is actually not my favorite politician but he is a Zambian and has a right to walk anywhere in the country

  12. Very foolish indeed, does this fool own Eastern Province? So JJ Banda was abducted to implicate the President and you think it will work? Zero. Just wait for your arrest, we shall not tolerate this foolishness in the country.

  13. Tricky stars they think they have Monopoly of thought.We know how they think.Their thinking is always shortlived.They are discoverable.Just wait we shall show them that their tricks don’t work.They are like dramatists.The best is to know how their bongobongo works.They will explain their fake activities.

  14. My Fellow Eastern Province people, where were the Adults for us to be sending children opanda makolo ku Parliament?
    Uyu mwana saziba kusamala mau!
    Ndipo watiletela manyadzi!
    Alangizi muyanganepo!
    How does he want us to feel who married across the divide he wants to create?
    Does it mean that when one person in Eastern Province misbehaves, then we should paint the whole Eastern Province black?
    The blame should be put on Adada also! He is not giving very good example to young politicians.
    They become hardened ten times in careless talk!
    But sadly, this one is joining CK with hard labor!
    Can someone open the Docket we start caging these tribalists one by one!
    Can police also hasten the summoning of ECL before he puts this country in flames. He wants ukufilila munsenga! He is ready to destroy in order to escape his court cases that are catching up with him every day!
    We want to know what he meant when he said and was sure that President Dr HH will not reach 2026 elections! Let him substantiate his words.
    Let police investigate how Chilufya Tayali was abducted and sneaked out of the country!
    We must chop the Snakes head before it strikes again!
    This latest drama has all the hallmarks of staged abduction!
    Real abductors will either murder their victim or demand ransom!
    Boma iyanganepo!

    • You are very right in all your sentences, these guys abducted themselves are calculated the burning of house. Hope intelligence has fused in someone in this group.

  15. Now I have come to know and understand that PIEFU under LUNGU were ( criminals ) hard-core murders.

    Now it is evident clear that they are the ones who killed NSAMA NSAMA their own government employee and others for no apparent reason just because they were targetting HH an innocent Soul in the creation of God in Zambia.

    The whole bunch of criminals of these PF crooks, after staging an evil abduction on j Banda, even burning a house for their own MP they now line up in front of even some paid up journalist to announce to the country and world that HH is the one who had done these evil plans of theirs. They know what they used to do – the same abductions and killings and now want it to be labelled on an innocent President of the Republic of Zambia who has no any intentions what so-ever to such evil minds and maneuvers but just because of their hatred of him? They fabricate things. What an evil thing for a normal person to do on another, and almost all their paid up lazy followers are now on top of their voices condemning the innocent President of Zambia. These evil plans are very dangerous to themselves because they are showing us openly who and what they are in their hearts and minds and inviting curses on themselves because it will always backfire. Judas Iscariot did the same to the Holy one of Isreal, The Lord Jesus Christ but he ended up hanging himself on a a tree because it became heavy on him to handle since it was always ringing on his mind of what he did.

    When I look at this young man Munir Zulu, these women edith and emboila just because of silver and wool and the appetite of power they have become the drums of others to beat for their sound to plan and think of achieving their evil deeds? Such manoeuvres don’t work, but they bring curses and misery to the agitators and their proxies.

    As long as the Lord Jesus Christ is on the thrown seated and rulling, everything that is under His feet will be crushed.

  16. Munir zulu is childish and should be stripped off the honorable tittle! How can he honestly say that? This tribalistic kind of politics should be condemned by all well meaning zambians regardless of political affiliation. This is a time to champion unity and not petty divisive politics

  17. Very childish utterances from one Mr. Munir Zulu. Who are you to decide on our behalf where we should live? Who gave you the authority to create exclusive zones?

    If you want, you can confine yourself to Eastern Province but donot embroil us in your confusion and troubles.


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