VIDEO: HH Has Come To Destroy Zambia – DR Congo Opposition Leader Martin Fayulu



  1. Congo is mess, we have Congolese refuges in Zambia because people like Martin only focus on issues in other countries which they are not knowledgeable about instead of focusing on positively resolving issues in their country.
    Martin jst espoused crass ignorance. A country must have law and order. Nobody is arresting the opposition, a criminal is criminal hidding in the cloak of opposition or tribe to commit crimes is prohibited in Zambia.

  2. Congolese can not advise Zambia. Just mare walking as a foreigner in Congo you are arrested and asked to pay for nothing. Crime in Congo DR is normal way of living. We know that this is a scheme of failures and in particular is Fred Mmembe.
    You remember Fred Mmembe was the one who attered rabish information saying that Katumbi has won the elections and was rebuked by someone and was warned strictly that he may be jailed for releasing false information.
    This time there is no any person from DRC but Fred Mmembe’s plans seen like to be foolish nincompoop hate on HH.

  3. Fayula just go play guitar because that is what people in your country do best. Or smuggling. Do not speak about HH like that. Shows who the UKA were depending on to help if their mission had gone thru. This guy is just waffling.

  4. This Martin Fayulu must just shut up .Deal with your DRC issues.Why talk about Zambia and leave his DRC which has more trouble.He is sponsored by some ka chap.

    • Clueless shack running he doesnt know what his own face looks like….Freemason, do you have proof? Do you even know know what they are? Or the same inuendo that you, Mwamba, Tayali and the rest of your archarchy seeking demagogo rant every time you open your mouths. Dancing for stolen money…he said he watching where you hid the money.

  5. Martin Fayulu. Don’t be too quick to comment. In a few weeks you will know who was burning people’s houses and abudacting themselves. But most importantly how I wish we could uncovered who was gassing Zambians in 2020 and 2021. I can assure you Martin, you may have have to swallow your words.

  6. Bwana Martin Fayulu. Don’t embarass yourself for for political tragedicomedy clowns. Opposition politicians are able to burn there houses, abduct themselves and blame the government in order to gain political mileage/capital. That’s the level of damage liberal democracy has brought to zambia

  7. What can a Kasai advise Zambians when he’s supposed to advise and resolve unending problems in DRC. Who has problems between Zambia and DRC? He was sponsored by UKA.

  8. Surely there are enough political shenanigans in DRC for this charlatan to give himself a moral high ground regarding zambian politics. DRC cannot even have elections without armed conflict ensuing.

  9. Guys,Mbongo Zero,Sena,Kubweka, Swahili for the unity of Africa,Buddy,PC, Concerned Citizen,and Pallad. I think you are all patriots.However,your comments are off the wall. Here’s an outsider with experience of bad governments, instability,wars etc, urging your leader not to follow his country’s example! Surely,this is the brave character who told the emperor,in the emperor ‘s new clothes story that the emperor was actually naked! This neighbour you are now insulting is actually your friend, a lover of Zambia.
    Don’t be like the Roman Emperor who fiddled while Rome was burning!!!


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