UPND Alliance Partner, Kelvin Bwalya Fube says UPND Alliance President, Hakainde Hichilema is the best leader that he has worked with so far in his political career.

And Mr Fube, fondly known as KBF, has cleared the air on the numerous lies that have been concocted against UPND Alliance leader, Hakainde Hichilema’s work relationship with those he has worked with in the past.

In a radio interview on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk yesterday, Mr Bwalya stated that contrary to the numerous lies that has been told about him, Mr Hichilema was the most focused, principled, responsible, resilient and hard working person he has ever worked with.

“There has been a lot of lies and misrepresentations by people about Mr HH in the past that he is like this…he is like that…I don’t find these difficulties in working with him myself. Why? Because we both have similarities in working for the good of the Zambian people. For example: we graduated the same date; we are almost the same age; we are both principled to work. We are both self-made men who are [also] financially independent,” he charged.

KBF has also appealed to Zambians to rally behind UPND Alliance in the forthcoming general elections slated for 12th August.

He says Zambians should take the money that PF are offering them, saying it was theirs, but that they should keep it in their minds to vote for President Hichilema and the Alliance to liberate themeselves.

“PF today has money; they have regalia; they have logistics; they have more cars than we have in the Alliance. Take their money, take their Chitenge, eat! After all, it is your money, it is stolen money, but in your hearts as Zambians…and am trust Zambians…you know what to do…on polling day, go to that booth and exercise your right to vote and vote for UPND Alliance,” he said.



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