1. She must be telling the truth. Her position on this has not changed. She has been consistent all along.

    Hakainde, on the other hand, has been shifty and dodgy, always telling lies.

    • You seem not to be normal your heart and wherever you come from there is full of hatred even on people who haven’t done anything wrong to you am sure you were not brought up well…,you need help

      • Brotherboy,

        There are always 2 sides to a story. Do not force people to be on the side of Hakainde in this matter. Let us make up our own minds.

        So to me, I know which of these two people is a champion liar. The one with the honorary Doctorate in privatisation of our precious assets.

  2. Nawakwi ur were finance minister when you and chiluba stole civil servant separatees money in 1999.
    Todate they are still crying.

  3. Let this lady be dragged to court so that she could tell truth. The police service under Mr.Jack Mwiimbu are so passive and very inactive as they have a lot of un answered questions surrounding gasing, killings of Nsama Nsama at many others. It’s high time the minister of home affairs takes a proactive role.

  4. Whenever, u hear somebody lamenting that the head of state must be brought to stand b4 court so tht he/she is exonerated, just know the accused is guilt. Our laws have no provision for a head of state to be paraded b4 a magistrates.
    Nawakwi is inebriated with falsehoods and malice. She’s talks about KCM matters that she has no knowledge about. Wish our journalists can be counter checking facts and show how illiterate or misinformed somebody is after they make will allegations. Nawakwi was just a useful idiot in the schemes of PF to retain power otherwise, the earlier she wakes up the better.


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