1. We have been independent almost 60 years what have we achieved for ourselves instead of pointing our fingers to the past always. Let us wake up and be the bosses of our own resources.

    • That can never happen if we keep electing leaders that want to privatise everything and give ownership to their foreign white masters.

        • Ba JMC, I own other types of businesses. I employ a lot of Zambians, of all tribes. That is why I laugh when I get called anti Tonga, because the manager of one of my businesses is a Tonga. He has been manager for many years. I also have a Lozi as manager for another one of my businesses. These businesses are not small, by all means.

          So you are very happy with the way our mines are being abused? Do you really trust him with our mines? Why does his wife’s family now own mines which they did not own before he got elected ? These records are at PACRA. Why is the gold scam court case being held on cameras which will not ever be turned on during trial? His ministers own mines in secret, that is why they will not even declare their assets.

          Do you really really trust him with our mines?

          Patriotism requires seeing beyond smoke screens created by politicians.

  2. Sowing discord and hatred through envy and division. ‘They’ came,and stole from us, ‘they’ were white. Racial discrimination does not get more blatant then this. Yet this character masquerades as a man God. Beware the false prophets for there are many, They bear no good fruit and shall be cast into the pit of fire on judgement day.

    • The fact that they were white is neither here nor there.

      Facts are facts.

      They came, they stole. And while at it, they took a lot of slaves with them, or enslaved the natives.

      No one invited them here to force Christianity on natived. And now, the natives are still enslaved via this Christianity.

      The Bible has been translated to ALL African languages. How many science books have been translated to African languages?

      So take your Christianity and bring back our minerals and assets, ba makaka imwe. Take Hakainde with you if he carries on giving away our assets.

      • Indigol Tyrol the cows won’t understand this. As long as it’s not HH saying it.
        Man has come back to pay off his debt to those who helped him steal what remained of the wrecked economy during privatisation.

        • It is shocking how they have been brain washed. They can no longer think for themselves anymore. They either cry tribalism, and now racism, when people queen their bizarre behaviour and corruption.


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