By: Muhabi Lungu.

Good Afternoon to you all. I have been made aware of a Headline Story in one of our Daily Papers and the Broadcast of that story on one of our Radio stations.

Additionally, a circulated list with my name on it, has been forwarded to me. The story indicates that I have formed a tribal grouping of which I have been made its Chair. This is Simply NOT TRUE. NOT TRUE AT ALl.

No effort by the publishers of this story, were made to get in touch with me in order to authenticate the truthfulness of the story. I am left with no other option but to conclude that this is designed to malign me/Us and forestall prevent and diminish my legitimacy in continuing to share my views on pertinent national issues.

By God’s Grace, I have had the fortune to have lived a fairly public life for the last 33 years. I challenge anyone to point out any incidents for which I have exhibited anything else, but National Patriotism. I have never ascribed to tribal Sentiments in my life and there is sufficient evidence in the public arena to prove this. However, I have never been afraid to discuss tribalism or any other topic, with candor.

The circulated story is a deliberate misrepresentation, designed to malign me and those who wish to discuss issues of development in their local jurisdictions; “all politics is local.” This story is a lie and is destructive. It is intended to frighten people from participating in their local politics by trying to negatively label them. . Hence, I will attempt to get airtime to whichever news media that gives me an opportunity to further refute and discuss the issue of tribalism and the undesirable attempts as exclusion.

Muhabi Lungu


  1. We know who is promoting tribal divisions in the country, and it most certainly not you Mr. Lungu.

    We really should have listened to KK. His fears have come to pass, and things will get a lot worse.

    • Indigo Tryol you PF tribal idiot you like maligning the Republican President for not giving you a job in his New Dawn Government. Your Muhabi Lungu and Raphael Nakachinda all the way from UNIP and MMD came to kill PF and useless Muhabi wants a job in UPND government. Fu*eki iwe PF loser.

      • Iwe Bob Mpombo I did not mention any names. Do not get me arrested please. But if the shoe fits, who am i to dispute?

        Your small god is a very bitter and he arrests all his critics.

  2. Young people there is no justification in confrontation.The people you defend know very well that they are not doing enough to improve life of majority Zambians.The more we complain therefore,the better.Dont waste time defending rich people.You are this time sleeping probably in the dark without power while the rich people you defend for being…..are busy stealing mukula and sugilite.Why should poor youths defend rich politicians unconditionally ? Normal or abnormal ? You didn’t know the answer…from Berlin

  3. I had my suspicion that there was nothing behind News Diggers screaming headline. There’s nothing wrong with citizens forming a forum to discuss issues. The premature labelling of the group as tribal is baseless. What we want to call as the Zambian identity is a recently-manufactured identity and therefore younger than all the tribes in this country. It doesn’t even have a mother tongue and is therefore still trying to establish itself. These are normal contours of post-colonial nation-building.


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