1. We have tasted good governance under Levy Mwanawasa, and the earlier years of our beloved KK. Rest in peace to both the gallant sons of our soil.

    That is the reason Zambians can never settle for corrupt tribalist conmen or drunkard corrupt thieves. That is the reason Zambians will continue the search for another Levy, no matter how long it takes. No one lives forever, so sooner or later, the vacancy will exist.

    • Remember that the first 3years of Levy in office you called him cabbage? You don’t fix things using short cuts or you will make the whole thing even worse.

      • Levy himself accepted being called a cabbage. He was a good cabbage, as he put it himself.

        Not these conmen we have these days, busy stealing our precious minerals.

  2. Mr. Bean, I hope that was not an attempt to compare our Levy with a conman.

    Where can you even start?

    The similarities start and end that they have both been president of Zambia. Kwasila.


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