1. Chishimba you’re the most idiotic and rhetoric dog ever in this country, who doesn’t know you as a directionless hippo without a neck, stop misbehaving idiot you’re a grown up person with a very big underneath ragage without use,stop the nonsense and croze that big opening because it will cause you hell if not careful

  2. CK is just another big fool who puts himself at a level where he is not. He thinks he is special among the political friends and he likes showing that through talking. And it’s the same careless talking and bad timing which has made him a political failure. Look at him now, he doesn’t belong to any party, he was in PF, he failed and left, NDC, the same, UPND Alliance, the same, he went back to PF, the same. Moving from party to another taking nothing but confusion. He is now a stranded politician, has reached at the end of the road. Imagine, if Jack Mwimbu is your former friend, you want him also to be our former friend, e kutumpa uko, it’s you who should stop your foolishness. You should also learn to respect our leaders, both HH and Jack Mwimbu were elected by people through popular vote, but nobody elected you. You are just a cheap politician full of nothing but hatred and tribalism. To leaders of your type if you are a leader at all, we say no.


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