1. Nawakwi, your jealousy will kill you with depression. The man you loved with all your heart at varsity had no interest in you and is now YOUR PRESIDENT must surely be painful.
    Swallow your pride and ask him for a job like nervers mumba

  2. Since you the cow that moos like you have chronic menstruation just make sure your get the pfidiot changala in front of your rally to be dealt with first by police. Ok!!

  3. The kidnapping suspect is looking for another reason to be locked up then she will try and milk public sympathy from that angle.

    We know those tricks.

    UKWA should register with Registrar of Societies, present their constitution, and the list of office bearers. Without this formality, they are a nameless mob whose only purpose is to cause confusion and anarchy.

  4. Edith do you think being defiant to the law is being opposition? Mama Don t start a war you l be crying for a long time about. Defy ZP you l face the consequences.

  5. Edith Nawakwi, do you remember the Supreme Court case of Sikanyika vs Nawakwi to do with a house on Katima Mulilo road in Kalundu in Lusaka? It was Edith Nawakwi who had defrauded Mrs Bernadette Sikanyika, then one of the leading ladies in the United National Independence Party. The High Court incredibly ruled in her favour. The Supreme Court saved the face of Zambian justice.

  6. Nawakwi is not just normal. Shes just an arrogant notorious devil under the sea. Madam this is not during MMD when you used to insult KK for you to gain political mileage. Itekeni panshi. You cant fight the legitimate government through violence because you are born naturally with hate for the one tribe. Zambia doesnt only below to the Bembas or Northerners, NO. Let them also govern as we all know that its ONE Zambia ONE nation.
    That’s why their own people denied Edger because they believed that every Zambia from any region within Zambia is capable to become the President. Now when you are rejected you start mobilising your fellow fools to start causing confusion in the country.
    You will be finished like a soaked cassava in the water.


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