1. Kambwili cacine uli cisushi, ask everyone normal in Zambia what ukuponona means, they will tell you ati kunyankula imbwa nga iwe. Why are you trying to create a mountain out of the more hill? Can ukufyonona and ukuponona mean the same thing? Ndeisa kuponona. STUPID IDIOT.

  2. Kambwili cacine uli cisushi, ask everyone normal person in Zambia what ukuponona means, they will tell you ati ukuponona kunyankula imbwa nga iwe.

    Why are you trying to create a mountain out of the more hill? Can ukufyonona and ukuponona mean the same thing? Your jealousy and envy will kill you. Ndeisa kuponona. STUPID IDIOT.

  3. That’s typical of CK, he thinks he is more Bemba than others. To me the word ukuponoka even sounds more decent than the word chikala. I wonder what he could have said if the president had used the word chikala because ukuponona is pulling back the foreskin of the penis while chikala is the penis itself. The same Zambians you are telling the ukuponona word, use the word chikala in their daily conversations and I have never heard any Bemba like you complaining because the word is taken as a normal, in most cases, it’s not looked at as an insult. I don’t know if some words only become insults when they said in the audience which includes chiefs. At times you do more harm than good when you try to interpret certain words, for example, the same word ukuponoka, may be 50% of the non-Bemba speaking Zambians don’t even know the actual meaning of these words. Usually we look at the context in which the word is used and not necessarily the actual meaning. And I am sure the context in which the president used the word was in the context of ukumwa and not pulling back of the foreskin, it was not even in his mind.

    So I totally agree with Saviour Chishimba who says; it’s wrong to judge a nonnative speaker of a language when he/she uses a wrong word. Using wrong words or misapplying words is not only unique to HH and Zambia, it’s something which happens world over. For example, when the French President Emmanuel Macron was visiting Australia at one time, he misapplied the word delicious. He was thanking the Australian Prime Minister and his wife when he said; “thank you and your delicious wife for a warm welcome.” Of course some people like CK would take it that the Prime Minister’s wife was a delicious food to eat and yet the speaker was simply expressing his profound gratitude on the remarkable hospitality and generosity of his hosts. People laughed quite alright but no one paid much attention because they knew that the speaker was not a native speaker of English. At times it is not only words that are affected but also some gestures, I remember when MMD came into being in 1991, UNIP and some people nearly protested alleging that the V symbol was an insult to women, but to some of us, it was just a mare symbol signifying the eleventh hour on the clock. Then there was a time when Hon Siliya raised her middle finger in Parliament and people made their different interpretations according to their imaginations.

    In my opinion, the President did not utter any insult, he was trying to tell the people some of ordeals that he went through whenever he visited Luapula and those were the exact words which the thugs were using. At one time when he went campaign in the same Bahati Constituency, if I am not mistaken, should be the time Harry Kalaba resigned from PF. HH was stopped from attending a Church service and instructions came from the top that he ought to leave the Province as quickly as possible because ECL was coming there. From the point where he was, he was not even allowed to use the main, instead he had to use some old bush road, thank God he never got stuck. So even if he was never personally beaten, many of his people or supporters were being beaten and that is ukuponokwa which he meant. Moreover even women supporters who don’t have those things were also being beaten, so ba CK twakana ukutubepesha, these things just depend on how you take them yourself and you can’t impose your version of interpretation on other people..


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