Yona Musukwa writes:

Four new Mickey Mouse political parties have formed a new political alliance called THE ZAMBIA WE WANT ALLIANCE ahead of the August General Elctions.

The four political parties are Movement For Democratic Change headed by directionless Felix Mutati, unregistered Zambia Shall Prosper Movement led by Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube, unknown Zambians for Empowerment and Development Party led by Ernest Mwansa, and Movement For Change and Equality led by unknown fat man.

Basically, it’s a very insignificant mickey mouse political alliance. But what has really surprised me is the political direction-less and instability shown by Honourable Felix Mutati.

Hon. Mutati has become a political nomad of no fixed aboard. He lost the MMD Presidency and went to work with UPND. He left and went to work with PF, and subsequently appointed Minister. He got fired, grabbed the MMD presidency from Nevers and a vicious fight ensued. He lost the MMD presidency again, and formed MDC. Even before the ink dries up on the MDC registration certificate, he has jumped on some Brought in Dead mickey mouse political alliance.

Anyway, it’s their democratic right.

What are your views about this alliance?


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