1. The comments made by Mama Chikamoneka are timely and people should take heed of the advice. However, it is not right to assume that Miles Sampa had the privilege to inherit the leadership of the PF because the late president Michael Sata was his uncle. I don’t support the PF but I respect democracy and governance. In all fairness and genuine political engagement what Miles Sampa did was illegal and his actions should be condemned in the strongest terms.

    It is actions like the illegality of the illegal Convention that Miles Sampa held which has led to political tension and political destabilisation in the other African countries and other places in the world.

    Democracy, good governance and respect for the rule of law should not only be demanded from the government in power but it should also be seen and observed in all sectors whether in government or private identities. On the other hand, Courts of Law are there to promote and ensure that democracy, governance and rule of law is observed and protected.

    It is better to correct the wrongdoings than to entertaining it.

    • Data died and did not finish his term of office. All those in PF jostling for plot one are from other political parties…chancers and gate-crashers.
      So Miles was right to save the party from being hijacked from Sata’s family. Just understand man.


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