1. Miles Sampa’s life is more important than the politics he is playing. The young sister cares for his life. Hence her speaking out to advise him to stop annoying many people because it may not end well with him. According to the wisdom of the Bembas you can keep your life by listening to the advise of others: “umweo wa muntu waba mukutwi”. The other Bemba proverb states that knowledge of how to live your life can come from someone who is even younger than you: “Amano yafuma mwifwesa yaya mu chulu”. One hopes Miles Sampa is able to heed the wisdom of his young sister. He should not allow known tribalists to actually estrange him from his own brothers and sisters he has lived and worked with all because of the love for money. Money finishes and cannot buy everything in life. It cannot even buy genuine friendships.


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