VIDEO: Mr Ground and Chama America Beaten In Eastern Province



  1. Is this the life Zambians must go through really ? Who is behind all these activities whereby young people have to insult elders publicly with impunity ? Why ar police personnel onyly active when it comes to protecting those in government ?Police must be all over to protect all Zambians but this does not happen ,so life of Zambians is at stake.Any person can be attacked and killed any time so easily.Home Affairs needs to work .From Berlin

  2. Cadreism has brought more harm than good to Zambians.Chama America is yes useless and insults people indisciminately but what this mob is doing is equally toxic …,police in Zambia is a ghost as far as protecting ordinary Zambians.It is laughable indeed seeing how the police move swiftly when there is a rally somewhere.Is this the way Zambians will live sure ? See how Chama was treated in this video.I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard the victim has passed on coz it is like he was stepped on his balls by that bare footed huge man.From Berlin

  3. PF chaggwa came into being through violence and pangaz, it is their DNA, that is why people tend to support PF kilometers because he has brought some sort of sobriety in the organisation

  4. This Miles Sampa project will see a lot of casualties while the sponsors of Miles will provide security to him with his family hiding from one safe house to the other provided by the government.

  5. PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.

    These thugs must be traced and brought to account. What they did is totally unacceptable. If Mr. Ground and Mr. Amelika broke any law, they should have reported them to the appropriate authorities instead of taking the law in their hands.

    The fact that they even took a video clip of their lawlessness speaks volumes about how they view the police and our justice system. They still think they are above the law.


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