1. We respect you as an elder. Please don’t dare us. You are a dismal failure and this will never change. Zambians are not full like you and your cohorts sir.

  2. We respect you as an elder. Please don’t dare us. You are a dismal failure and this will never change. Zambians are not dull like you and your cohorts sir.

  3. And the reason our economy has knelt is pride by our president. Sidelining the Chinese in his first 2years in office has resulted in this misery and now they’re dragging their feet on debt restructuring. What next?. Instead of our president facing the xi ping on the issue, he has continued crying at every given opportunity European summits.
    Out of all those 100 trips he has made every sane person would expect at least 50 of them going to China to negotiate debt relief.

  4. Even if we understand and perceive things differently, some things are very clear to be misconceived. For example, some of our children were learning under the trees, some were learning from the floor. Some were failing to pay school fees, but now they are learning for free. University students were learning with hunger but this time, at least they have some meal allowance. Most of our children who roamed the streets and had lost hope on ever being employed, they are now smiling because they have been employed. So how were we better under Lungu because any right thinking mind knows that we are better off now. Under Lungu there was a lot of lawlessness and terror. The night Community House was raided and tear gassed, one would think it was one of the gas chambers in a Nazi concentration camp. Is that the worst of Lungu that one can say was better than what we have now? Those who want to back to days can go back without the distortion in the information to the people.

  5. Indeed Lungu’s worst is far much better than Hakainde’s best…
    Hakainde is a failure… incompetent and with very poor leadership qualities.
    The three arms of government are in disarray. The Judiciary and Legislature can’t function. The Judiciary has lost it. The credibility is gone. The Judiciary can’t make rulings..can’t make judgements. We are paying these people for caressing cases..endless adjournments. These people are stealing from the people of Zambia..The tax payers.
    Talk of the Legislature. Nellie Mutti’s Legislature. Even forging officers documents! The Legislature tampering with the Registrar of Societies documents! Uttery and Forgery..and the many Illegalities from the institution which makes laws! Thats Hakainde’s government!
    Institutions can’t be allowed to work proffesionaly. Who ever exercises proffesionalism is booted out. The Registrar of Societies nonsense.
    Look at the turnover of Permanent Secretaries in the Ministry of Mines! It’s a running door..
    Hakainde is a total failure. No past President has ever done what this man is doing..
    Let the European union know this, and all those western countries who have deliberately closed their eyes on what is happening in Zambia. The man we have at the helm is a bomb. He can’t manage the political sector..the multi party politics.
    He can’t even manage a simple Ward Bye Election. Can this man manage a Presidential and General Election??
    Can’t even talk about other sectors..It’s just total failure. Indeed Lungu’s worst is far much better than Hakainde’s best.

  6. Lungu is in his own world! His losing the elections has confused him. Borrowing money & failing to pay back and giving K65 million to side chicks is better! Ba Lungu sure! In your 7 years you never addressed any press conference to talk to the people of zambia. We are better now than your time sir!

  7. The best test is to bring back Kaunda’s ballot system and Let Lungu stand against a dog. I am 300% sure the dog will garner more votes than Lungu. Next, let him stand against Lusambo, again Lusambo will have a landslide, then Lungu vs Tasila the latter will win after a rerun. Who is more popular if we follow mathematical induction? Your answer is correct – a dog is more popular than Lungu.
    Why must right thinking people entertain….

  8. Lungu is a hallucinating hypocrite. Lungu is a failure and embracement. Former republican president with likes the of saboi Nawaki sakwiba salavwe and that eff mad fellow. How low can you get. Shame on you sir. You don’t deserve to be called father of the nation.


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