VIDEO: Nawakwi addresses the media concerning the missing of Hon Jay Banda


FDD President Edith Nawakwi addresses the media concerning the missing of Hon Jay Banda


  1. Bitterness on the face. How can a simple cadre like JJ who urinates in the mouth of a journalist be abducted by the state. This woman is not cultured. Her bitterness will simply kill her and she can’t feel pity of herself .

  2. The agenda of UKA have started after they themselves have abducted Jay Jay banda in their quest to call for an early election according to what they said during their prayer session at dunamis. Where we heard that the former head of state is a snake. Who said anything can happen before 2026 that can lead to the call of a fresh election and you hear the venom of Edith Nawakwi is the beginning of the scheme. The former head of state was so emphatic on the same when he said, “I ruled this country for 7years and you think I can be joking ” Now, just yesterday he stormed twin palm police station demand for an updated before they have not finished there investigation. Look at the statement emmanuel mwamba gave saying it is because Jay Jay was a critic of hh and brought in chisenga’s gutted house all linking it to hh. What is motive behind is to call for fresh election. Wait and see how these terrorists are going to be exposed after the investigations. These are the same who gutted city market trying implicate hh. These who initiated the gassing and they launched an and they just left office without an answer. Allow the investigation wings to do there job. UKA don’t panic in pretence that you care no, you are just hiding behind the finger we can see.

  3. You never said anything when the LOZIs were murdered by Banda and a lot of them also disappeared. Barotseland has been abrogated BUT you are the people who are still oppressing. You can’t complain when a fraction of what is happening to Lozis happens to you. If it is NOT good for you, it is also NOT good for Barotseland

  4. Is she not just as good as an expired drug? Truly she has outlived her usefulness. It’s better just to ignore her.

  5. This evil woman has got what is called “kabanga” and we need to cut it. Her stale vargina is discharging the smelly stuff that affects her mental faculties like someone who has taken drugs. This is a mad and corrupt woman that lost relevance many years ago. The Carlington maize scandal; her stinky pussey and that “deadly disease” have left the foolish woman delusional.

  6. Madam Nawakwi please don’t abuse the president.You are annoying us alot Madam,this kind of politics is extremely dangerous and irresponsible.JJ has not committed any case of serious magnitude that can warrant any harm from the person you keep mentioning.What has HH eaten from you and you need payment.A woman must not behave like the way you do.You deserve to be respected you are a mother but you are busy attracting insults from people.Trouble in countries is brought by irresponsible people like you.The missing of JJ is worrying every normal person in our country.We are all sadened by this puzzling situation.It is time to pray for our young man,our eyes are filled with tears and you are talking carelessly making unnecessary ralies.What has the church SDA got to do with what you are saying.You talk like someone drunk and wants to fight.This is defirmation if you don’t know.The former president lost TV sets careless people issued alarming statements and allegations on govt.The outcome of investigations and actual findings were different from the lies they were giving.Here you are again on the missing JJ.


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