Video Of A Woman Allegedly Possessed By Ginimbi Demon Has Emerged

From the look of things, the year 2020 is far from over and we are yet to see more as it comes to an end. In a 9 minute video that has left tongues wagging, a woman allegedly possessed by the demon of the late Zimbabwean socialite and businessman, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure has left everyone puzzled as she mentioned Ginimbi’s name during a live service alongside a prophetess. Kadungure sadly passed on in a fatal accident along Borrowdale with his three friends after a long night of drinking at his club in Harare.

A live church service by Divine Yard church depicts a woman of the cloth asking her congregant who possessed you of which the congregant eventually responds and revealed that it is boss Ginimbi in her body. She went on to claim that all the people who saw the Versace symbol on his coffin were automatically recruited into the dark world. According to the woman, the face on the pricey label represents the satanic kingdom.

The ‘demon’ left people in stun when it further indicated that all the money that Ginimbi had was given to him whenever he sacrificed blood and initiate other members. She added that those who use Google to search for the late flamboyant businessman were also automatically initiated. When asked by her church leader about what happened to the other three people that died alongside Kadungure, the demon claims that the other three were initially supposed to be sacrifices and Kadungure was supposed to have survived the accident since he is the only one who was not burnt beyond recognition.

The allegedly demon-possessed woman concludes by mentioning prophet Passion Java as she indicated that although he traveled all the way from overseas he did not do it out of love. You can also watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comment section below :


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