1. I can’t understand why our political parties entertain people likeMr. Ground and Mr. Chama America. They eat with both hands and it seems like political leaders fall all over themselves to get their “services”.

    Can we please have some measure of decency in our politics. Such characters should be ignored by all political parties to render them irrelevant to our politics. This applies to the so called defectors as well.

    How can this gentleman have the courage to threaten the political leadership? His taunts amount to extortion and if truly the UPND have gone to bed with these gentlemen, it is shameful to say the least and I hope he exposes them.

  2. Someone to tell this ka corrupt and foolish boy and its friend to behave and stop extorting money. They are both currently living dangerously and that nonsense must stop, we cant continue putting up with this kind of shit. The days of PF confusion are over for good. They need to learn what happened to other politicians like Penza, Paul Tembo, etc. Otherwise what they are doing is not politics but blackmail and we won’t allow that!


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