VIDEO: Petauke Central MP Jay Jay Banda condemns the compensation being given to UPND cadres


Petauke Central MP, Jay Jay Banda condemns the compensation being given to UPND cadres. He says the State must help ordinary people that have suffered at the hands of the Police.

He has called the rewards being given to UPND Cadres as plunder of national resources.


  1. You are an illiterate person you don’t understand the law. By the way you should compansate the police officers you assaulted as a civil case for causing anguish, mental torture, embarrassment to their families, relative and friends and making them to be made fun of by every body.
    The police officers should sue so you can be collecting water in prison from a chikala.

  2. MUSONDA use your brains suing can be done at any time very is no specific period I thought of pumping brains into your empty heads.coming to a dull mp for petauke the law doesn’t stop the upnd members to sue government and those people sued the government on their personal capacity not as party and court saw it fit to on they side.petauke mwasebana with your dull mp jj Banda or dull

  3. Only a duck/dull monkey can support jj Banda, PF criminals did a lot of harms to they citizens more are still coming to sue government just wait.Are upnd members not human beings?let us be fair with what we are complaining?jj Banda very dull mp I thought the duga he smokes he will start thinking positive.


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