Scores of people at Lupiya village in Chiengi Constituency, Luapula Province, were yesterday issued with National Registration Cards in preparation for the 2021 elections.

Meanwhile, some political watchers have complained that this is only being done in all areas PF believes are their strongholds.

They say the same is not being done in Lusaka Southern, North Western and Western Provinces.

“This is a clear facet of vote rigging, they want to make sure that every person in their strongholds who is eligible to vote has the national identity card,” said Simon Kapembe, a political scientist.

Apparently, this is not the start, a few months ago an opposition candidate registered the same concern.

People’s Alliance for Change President Andyford Mayele Banda demanded that mobile issuance of NRCs should extend to all parts of the country to allow all eligible Zambians to acquire the documents so that they would exercise their democratic right to vote.

Banda said he was concerned that the Department of National Registration had concentrated the exercise in PF strongholds.

“The post Mobile issuance of NRCs should extend to all parts of Zambia, not just PF strongholds,” said Banda then.






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