VIDEO: Police Officers have blocked Edgar Lungu from seeing his Vice President Hon Given Lubinda


Police Officers from force headquarters have blocked Sixth Republican President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu from seeing his Vice President Hon Given Lubinda.

The police officers have since whisked Mr LUBINDA away from Westwood police station to an unknown location.


    • Hahaha.

      My fight is not for PF. I do not care about PF. It is for you and your family in your village. I happen to be very privileged financially, so my fight is for my country, out of love.

      I loathe injustice, deceipt, oppression and corruption. The exact traits being exhibited by Hakainde. I am not alone in this fight. Laura, Sishuwa, Santa, 2.8 million, and many many others are patriots. We do not eat nonsense. We fought PF, and they were very tough opponents. Your ka small god is nothing, a little paranoid man used to fighting calfs in his village. Acepa sana. We will flush him down the toilet easily very soon. He has no support anymore in the country except Southern province. Even the Lozi do not like him anymore, bar one idiot Simpo masupa Sitali. I can tell you that 99 percent of my network voted for Hakainde. But now, none of them say they will vote for him in 2026. By the way, that includes all my Lozi friends.

      • Ba Indigo you started out well but lately, your contributions are laced with uncouth language bordering on tribalism and sarcasm. Very unfortunate.

        How do you make fun of someone who has lots of cattle? How I wish my kinsmen had cattle so they can have milk and beef and use the animals for draught power! It would make farming so much easier instead of using hoes. Let us learn from our friends instead of despising them.

  1. You see former sir, former excellency and current Chief Tief, looter and plunderer, you cannot pass here, fyakale filya, just go home, we are not playing here, we are at work and working independently deciding which animal should not be allowed in, so comply or we will show you what the real police is. STUPID IDIOT. Kikikikiki.

    • Hahaha.

      Iwe you are having too much fun at the expense of voters. Calm yourself down.

      Do not think your ka small god will be in power forever. Remember how he cried like a baby when they smoked him out of his hiding hole like a diseased rat? It will happen again, and no one will feel sorry for him.

  2. The thirst for vengeance in our Uncle of the nation is worrying.
    Dear Zambians, 2026 is time to rebrand Zambia from the failed leadership of PF and UPND or there will be no country to talk about.
    Our Economy is too small to entertain such political jockers!
    Everything starts and ends with Leadership!
    Our political arena has been reduced to a circus of Atambwali!
    Atambwali Sametana!
    They will continue wasting our time!

    • Amen!!!!!

      Let us work together to get rid of these conmen. We sorted out PF, we will sort the current clowns too.

      Welcome to one term UPND.


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