• This person is shameless, this is the same chap who beat up a woman at ministry of labour on account of her being a UPND sympathizer. If ever there is someone who is a slug and a leech, this is the person. Unemployed and living off handouts from politicians.

    • @Anti-Chilyata
      Nyini yako kununka you PF open pussy Arsewhore! Wash it and get antibiotics since it is infected! A coward idyot afraid of using your own name! Macende ya amai bako kolwe iwe!

      • Fuck you Chilyata! Fuck you! Fuck you in the ass, over and over! Fuck you in the ass on Thursday during the day you guy bastard, motherfucking homosexual! Fuck you on Thursday night too you fucking homosexual.
        You love getting fucked in your tiny ass so much and you even raped your own parents! Fuck you.
        Your parents are dead and you are digging up their dead bodies just to fuck their assholes! Fuck you chikala.
        Panyo pako.

  1. Ba Chilyata and ba Anti-Chilyata, the Chief Marketing Officer himself would have commented to your insults and counter-insults and say:”Aikona Mani!!”. You Guys, what sort of perversion and addiction is this yakutemwa insele so? Are you competing Candidates for only one wrong Entry into the Guinness World Book of Records?

    • Bo Sitali, just check the record and be the judge! If you check the posts, who started the insults? It’s the same monkey! He is even hiding his name but we have now got his URL so we are close and these posts are for a purpose; just doing the basics needed to deal with the idyot!

  2. In upnd there is no hero worshipping or fake honorary degrees just for doing your job. That’s why we voted out PF so let this man keep his suggestions for his PF leaders.

  3. Hahahahaha, fuck you and your url tracking fucking motherfucker. Are you showing your name you motherfucker? Tell me who the fuck you and get the beating of your life, little bitch with a tiny asshole that’s getting fucked on a Thursday evening because you are gay.
    Hahahahaha, tracking me.
    Fuck you and your IT team.

    • @Anti-Chilyata:
      Put that shit into your smelly pussy Monkey! You’ll get to know why we have to keep you posting Arsewhore! Wash your smelly Tumalepe, Lesbian!!

      • Chilyata, I may not know you personally and I may not agree with you on some things. But is it possible to ignore the other person? Just ignore and the postings may stop.
        Just advice my friend.

  4. PF can largely thank their cadres for their loss in 2021, ba UPND, we will thank our insults and arrogance if we don’t change.


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