VIDEO: President Hichilema Knows That He Stole 2021 Elections From Edgar Lungu- Chilufya Tayali



  1. After running away you make inflammatory and unsubstaintiated statements?
    Your opinion is irrelevant and you are a coward bwana. Running away from the impending judgement….

  2. This forward. Who do you think you will fool to join you in your foolishness? When you are caught in a tight court corner, you are the first one to show remorsefulness and apologize and yet you get back to your foolishness!!! Silly you!!

  3. This is not freedom of expression.The law should visit Tayali for these allegations. The police should summon him for questioning.

  4. Well tabulated. You are a very brave man! You have the truth! Problem with most Zambians is that they are cowards.

    • Ba Mandanda, be objective. You honestly think PF would have allowed UPND to rig the elections? If the elections were rigged while the PF was in charge of the government machinery, then PF must truly be dunderheads!

      All one has to do is look at the voters register to see how the PF rigged the register by increasing the number of voters in its perceived strongholds of Northern, Mucjinga, Eastern, Luapula provinces while reducing the numbers in perceived UPND strongholds including the Copperbelt. However, PF’s attempts at rigging backfired spectacularly and they were shown the exit.

      The problem is Mr. Lungu’s PF still regard this misfit as an asset. In their warped thinking they reckon they can use him in their proxy wars with UPND. The sooner they realise this Tayali is scum, the better for them. Otherwise he will continue using the Lungu camp as his source of livelihood. What a shameful way to earn a living.

  5. Look at what unprincipled pipo do. Hichilema has maintained same position on Tayali despite Tayali’s irresponsibility. But Tayali himself has moved this way and that way, including raising enimity against HH or UPND sometimes and trying to be pro UPND other times, but HH no change of position. Cant Tayali just realize he is just showing foolishness, unprincipledness? We all know details of the 2021 elections, no need for anyone to tell lies about them we will flag you offside immedoately.

  6. When someone called this idiot a dog, I thought there will not come a day when I will believe it, but that day is today, sadly this idiot and dog has some idiots and fellow dogs taking sides in swallowing the stinking vomits perhaps not only are their noses blocked but also the brain.

  7. Firstly, Tayali has evidence of election rigging let the law visit him so he can prove it. His propaganda, in the name of freedom of expression, borderlines inciting masses and treason.
    Secondly, Tayali’s personal insults on the president, his wife & his personal relationships etc, is no longer freedom of expression and shud not be acceptable in our society.
    His wife is no go area.
    Tayali went further to talk about the president’s relationships with women while at UNZA. No no no, this is a BRIDGE TOO FAR.
    Regardless, this man needs to be dealt with on a personal level and legal level. If the president was my father, uncle, cousin or friend I would deal with Tayali in a very personal way. What Tayali said was profusely madness, whichever you spin. If we allow behavior like this, we are accepting ANARCHY.

  8. Who is Tayali anyway?
    Why are people paying attention to what a silu is saying?
    How possible is it for an opposition party to rig an election in Africa?
    You must be mad!
    The 2021 election was a vote of no confidence in PF violence and extortion!
    Let the silu enjoy the ka K20,000 he was recently gifted by Mr Mfwiti Mfwiti … Kikikiki

  9. The mad person at it again .KKKKKKKKKK, his madness is going to finish him one day , not everyone will tolerate his nonsense like our President normally do.

  10. Bushe ba Police mulikwi?
    This beyond elasticity.
    Don’t say forget about Chilufya Tayali that’s what he is yet he is making foot prints.

  11. Mr.Jack Mwiimbu ,you are a lawyer for this great party UPND ; why are allowing such careless talks..even the chairman for elections Mr.Garry Nkombo why keep quiet when such allegations are made without any response from the accused the UPND. Quietness means the allegations are true because even the then Electro chairman Mr.Essau chulu is quite. Can UPND government sort out this issue ounce and for all.

  12. This character should be made answerable so that the truth is known because ad it the matter seems to be in his favor.


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