President Levy Mwanawasa & Then PF Micheal Sata Opposition Leader Reconciliation.

flashback 2008

President Edgar Lungu Should have Emulated Late levy Mwanawasa when he had the chance to Unity Zambia.
President Levy Mwanawasa & Then PF Micheal Sata (Opposition Leader) Reconciliation.

If only President Edgar Lungu had drawn inspiration from Late Levy Mwanawasa & late Sata’s union, Mr Sata had called Mr Mwanawasa all sort of Names but that didn’t Stop Levy from seizing the opportunity to unit with Mr Sata (Opposition leader)
Zambia would have been More Blessed other than the Hypocrisy of prayer and fasting he called for and arrested more opposition leaders since zambia’s Independence.
Till date Zambians don’t know who burnt City Market and the People behind Gassing, Selective Development Projects, Closing down Media Houses Etc.


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