VIDEO: Prophet Uebert Angel reverses his harsh words against Edgar Lungu


Prophet Uebert Angel reverses his harsh words against the Lungus

Spirit Embassy, founder, Prophet Uebert Mudzanire Angel says he has reversed his harsh words he uttered against former President Edgar Lungu and former First Lady, Mama Esther Lungu when he was refused entry in in May 2017.

Immigration authorities refused entry to the British-Zimbabwean national who had travelled to Lusaka to hold a crusade on 6th May 2017.
Preaching last Sunday, Prophet Angel said he has instead blessed the family.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed Prophet Uebert Angel as Ambassador at Large for the country of Zimbabwe to Europe and the Americas.


  1. The grass is always greener on the other side.

    So many people that were in favour of Hakainde before 2021 have come out to say we got it very wrong.

    We backed the wrong horse. It wasn’t even a horse, but a donkey pretending to be a horse.

    We all got fooled.

  2. Ba Indigo, Ubert was not in favour of HH and nowhere in the article is HH or UPND mentioned.

    Ubert had some hash words for ECL because he was refused entry into Zambia during the reign of ECL and PF, probably at the instigation of Zambian papas.

    So your comments are totally out context.

  3. All idiots who claim to be prophets or apostles chakuti chakuti are FALSE and CROOKED. None of them is normal, they are just as STUPID IDIOTS as the PF fellow idiots.


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