VIDEO: Release Hon. Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda- Hon. Binwell Mpundu



  1. What’s most surprising is that sensible and experienced politicians in that group remained mute and were observing the inexperienced saying their nonsense knowing very well that this story could backfire very soon. They are obviously saving their own skins.
    I am talking about people like Mundubile, Kafwaya, etc that know the consequences of falsehoods and hate speech.
    On the other hand, amateurs like Munio ya Zulu, Kangombe, etc were grandstanding with hate speeches, insults, unprintable, etc thinking they’re courageous or whatever, etc. But time to account for that nonsense will be coming and coming very soon.
    They are fanning confusion, hate, division, etc and they think they can get away with it! That will never happen, these people have gone too far but the law will soon put them where they belong and that is prison together with their master!


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