November 14, 2023 – Police has recorded a warn and caution statement from Dr. Fred M’membe aged 64 of house 7354 Nangwenya road in Lusaka for the alleged offence of Espionage Contrary to Section 3 (c) of the State Security Act Chapter 111 of the Laws of Zambia.

Brief facts of the matter are that the accused Dr. Fred M’membe jointly and whilst acting with others between August 26,2023 to September 16,2023 in the Lusaka district of the Republic of Zambia did feature in a documentary titled “The Grand Regional Scheme”

Its Foreign powers and Local elites are destroying Africa Part One” where he without lawful authority communicated or passed on information intended to be directly or Indirectly useful to a foreign power, which information is prejudicial to the safety or interest of the Republic of Zambia.

The accused has been remanded in police custody at Westwood Police Station.

Rae Hamoonga


  1. Uko.

    So the rumours were correct that Hakainde would start arresting opposition leaders.

    No one is safe. Not even those from his own tribe, or his cousins the Lozi. We will all be fu%ked if we do not terminate this ugly cancer in 2026.

    KK warned us that this chap would bring divisions in our country. How I truly wished we had listened.

  2. Cage all those messing around with our peace. Zambia is a great nation but these idiots want to drag the president and it’s people down the drain straight into garbage with their sick and diseased politics. Monday to Monday fighting your own country, president , government.. why can’t you bring solutions to the table if you have any. Problem is you are too dull to come up with anything so you end up in cells every now and then thinking you are a Mandela. There is no colonial war going on what is wrong with this fuledi?

  3. If it means arresting all criminals together with the idiots supporting them, we can just turn one stadium into prison and do the needful. Batumpa sana aba bangwele. Ifyabupuba fye everyday? Do these idiots know what checks and balances really are? STUPID IDIOTS.


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