VIDEO: Stop The Lies – Edgar Lungu

Edgar Lungu


  1. Before I hear what this criminal is talking about, let me remind him of the criminal activities and 3.5bn eurobond he accrued, kachasu Edgar lungu it is very difficult to forget you as the most dangerous person who imposed as president at the expense of destroying our country, better you sit down and enjoy your stolen money instead of being irrelevant here

  2. Why Edgar and his murderous PF must not be allowed to get back power in Zambia – Drawing Lessons from Haiti’s Current Political Crisis.
    Haiti is currently going through a political crisis precursed by gang violence that has eroded the rule of law and challenged government institution such as the police, the army, the judiciary etc. criminal gangs have not only taken control of 80% of the capital porta prince but also forced the resignation of the prime minister. The history to the current situation where criminal gangs have become so powerful is that at one point through the political history of Haiti, politician armed and financed these criminal gangs which they used to aid their political careers. But now these gangs have become more powerful than their masters and have become autonomous and want political power for themselves. They have turned against their masters who created them. This situation compares to what was obtaining in Zambia during PF government where criminal gangs in Lusaka and Copper belt had become very powerful than the police such that they could not only threaten death to the opposition leaders but also even serving cabinet ministers. These criminal gangs were being financed and armed by the PF leaders as private armies to support their personal and collective political agendas. It became fashionable for criminal gangs calling themselved Americans, NATO etc to openly brandish their weapons such as pangas and guns on tv. Threaten and even perpetuate violence against any perceived enermy, opponent or supporters of their funders. The police were powerless to do anything. Criminals like kalimanshi, Chile one, space etc could commit any violence including murder and nothing could happen to them because the police were powerless. Assuming Edgar and his PF had won the 2021 elections how much power would these criminal gangs have now? What would have prevented them from doing what the criminal gangs in Haiti are doing right now. How can a normal zambian that experienced all that dream of having Edgar and pf back in power in Zambia. Do you miss the violence and criminal impunity that existed during PF? What’s wrong with you? Do you wish to have criminal like kalimanshi, space etc to come back and wreck havoc in our streets and communities? What’s wrong with you?. If it should come to that then it’s better we share the country so that those that want to be led by criminal gangs can live in their own and those of us that enjoy peace and sanity can live in our own. Even if meali meal prices should reach K2500 bringing back Edgar and his murderous PF back should never be an option please!!!


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