VIDEO: Sunday Chanda Campaigning in Mansha Ward by-elections for the UPND candidate


PF Kanchibiya MP, Hon.Sunday Chanda Campaigning in Mansha Ward by-elections for the UPND candidate. Masha Ward is in Kanchibiya Constituency. Let the speaker declare Kanchibiya Constituency vacant and go for by-elections.


  1. The UPND’s way of running government has touched the people. They are acknowledging it. Zambians are not going to give up on a good thing.

  2. This is how it should be, Freedom of Association as guaranteed by the Constitution, nothing wrong here and no need to waste resources for a useless Bye-election !
    Sunday Chanda has been a progressive thinker and has changed the face of Kanchibiya constituency!
    Even if you were to call for a bye election now, he would retain it with a landslide!
    Politics is all about delivering to the people!

    • And if returns the seat, PF will say UPND has rigged lol.
      If there is no better candidate to stand for PF for the ward, Chanda is on firm ground to support the person who will help him drive the constituency.


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