Clement Sinyinda Resign as a Commissioner at the Teaching Service Commission of Zambia

Former Prime Minister of Barotseland, Clement Sinyinda has resigned as a Commissioner at the Teaching Service Commission of Zambia following a statement issued by President Hakainde Hichilema when addressing Zambia’s Permanent Secretaries on 18th January, 2024 at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

It is believed that president Hichilema stated that “there is no country called Western Province or Barotseland” which was considered to be disrespectful to the people of Litunga, Kuta and Barotseland.

The Former Prime Minister laments that, he pondered and waited patiently believing that the president will be remorseful enough to apologize to Litunga, Kuta as well as the people of Barotseland but to no avail, nothing to that effect has been heard.

Mr Clement has further advised all stakeholders to resist from commenting on the Barotseland Issue highlighting that the issue is too sensitive.


  1. But Mr Sinyinda should not in the first place have accepted to serve in foreign Zambia if he knew he was from another country called Barotseland. He should probably pay back all allowances he received as Teaching Seervice Commissioner. The same way Zambians should expect Barotseland to pay back to Zambia the foreign debt contracted for the construction of the Mongu-Kalabo road and bridge, Sioma bridge and other projects undertaken by GRZ.

  2. It’s normal to resign from a government position, is it not what Kalaba and GBM did? There is nothing strange here. Your resignation does not change anything, there is no country called Barotseland and the people of Western Province are not your people. When did they become your people? Don’t incite people for nothing, we are interdependent as the President rightly put it. The day Western will separate, that will be the beginning of its misery. For example, Zambia will withhold its currency, Zambia switch off its power and then you will be celebrating your independence in the dark. Why are some of us Africans so selfish? Looking at your age you are already old and soon you will say bye not to Zambia but to Mother Earth not knowing the misery and suffering you will leave behind for the young ones and all the future generations of Barotseland. If the Copper rich Katanga has remained depended on Zambia for most of its goods and services it requires, what gives you confidence that Barotseland can stand on its own? That’s self delusional, think of others and their future and not yourself. Me I have properties in Western Province and a lot of people from Western Province have properties in Zambia, we don’t support your idea.

  3. Wonder how many pieces of silver changed hands by the group inciting an uprising. For sure there is no country called Barotsiland. It is all Zambia unless maybe this is a new country. We have Zimbabwe Namibia Botswana etc around us but not Barotsiland.

  4. Like others have said, let him surrender the Zambian NRC and passport. If he owns any property and land in Zambia, it should be forfeited to the state.

    As he goes to his country, he should not use Zambian hospitals, Zambian banks, Zambian currency and Zambian roads. He should also take his children and grandchildren out of Zambian schools.


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