VIDEO: The train which collided with Raphael Nakacinda’s vehicle on Friday evening had no lights – Given Lubinda



  1. Iwe ka Zakeyo shut up. What do you know about trains and safety???? Next you will say it’s a politically motivated assassination attempt. Shaaa!!!

  2. Iwe ka Zakeyo shut up. What do you know about trains and their safety regulations???? Do you think a train without lights on can leave the yard, even during the day??? Next you will say it’s a politically motivated assassination attempt. Shaaa!!!

  3. If there still people who doubt the shallow mindedness and stupidity of the PF leadership, it’s here caught in public on video for all to see. You expect these idiots to change in power. The leadership and the cadres they lead have the same reasoning capacity. It’s a waste of oxygen, time and resources to argue with fools like these.

  4. Well, if it had no lights, this can be verified easily.

    I can not see how anyone can play chicken with a goods train.

    However, this culture of insulting elders should come to a stop. Just disagree with them, strongly if need be, but void of insults.

    • I agree with you ba Indigo. There is absolutely no reason to resort to insults or abusive/demeaning language when putting forward your argument.

      Only someone who develops an airlock in his brain can become abusive. Or they have a very limited vocabulary.

  5. Zayelo is a lier and who does he think he can fool around. It is mandatory that every car has to stop at all rail crossing. Ignorance has no defence. He must shut up and count his lies to the PF who are lawlessness.

  6. Foolish thinking Bo Lubinda. Does that mean Nakachinda was going to hit into any object on the road that did not have lights ? What about this moron Boy’s vehicle did it have lights ? What were the lights for ? Did he stop at rail crossing and for how long ? Stop being stupid Boss.

    • This is just one if their usual ploys to get attention. How come Nakachinda is so accident prone? Lets really dig up the truth about the Kafue accident. Was he negilegent or rwckless? Was he under the influence? Did he fall asleep at tge wheel?
      The Police need to make the facts available. This man is making a mockery of the service. Sure they have failed to charge this man and Mwamba?

  7. This is typical of PF. They NEVER take responsibility for their actions or lack of it.

    It is always someone else to blame.

    When a train approaches a road crossing, the locomotive driver sounds the horn several times and it us loud enough for an alert driver to hear. This is standard procedure. So if the train had no light, the horn should have been adequate warning.

    Of course Mr. Lubinda will say it was raining heavily so Mr. Nakachinda did not hear the horn!

    PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.


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