• Believe it or what these are the jokers that say UPND is scared if UKA. Just standing in for chief pfidiot ecl for 2026

  1. UKWA and the Wailers virtual lunacy kikikiki!
    A bunch of plunderers, Kleptomaniacs and thieves!
    Their only message was their personal hatred and bitterness towards His Excellency President Dr HH!
    Now that they have seen that the books have been cleaned up and more headroom created for borrowing, they want to come back and spend recklessly and look smarter than the one who tirelessly worked to clean up their mess!
    We won’t allow the foolish to continue governing us!
    A nation is destroyed because of wise people who choose not to talk!
    And as Nelson Mandela said, Fools multiply when the wise keep quiet!
    We should never allow a return to the days of Lawlessness!
    This virtual lunacy rally did not explain how Milingo Lungu ended up with $24 Million dollars in his pocket under ECL! Can ECL tell us how much he and others got! There is no way this dirt happening without ECL’s knowledge or involvement!
    Ba Kabwalala!
    No wonder you are not happy that HE President Dr HH is bringing life back to the forgotten Copperbelt!
    Ba shetani!
    The government should not just end at the consent judgement in Milingo Lungu’s case. This is good enough as admission of guilt! Let the wider investigation start!
    We don’t want thieves near the National Treasury again!
    President Dr HH is for 2026 to 2031!
    He is the best we have for now to help clean up this country!
    We cannot expect him to clean a 7 year mess in 5 years!

  2. UKA leaders should seriously check themselves to ensure that you do not demonize President HH on issues of INJUSTICE when some of you thrives on the same INJUSTICES in your personal [business]
    dealings – as Zambians we will not be hoodwinked. Let’s be very serious.

  3. Imagine to have a woman leader who can open her mouth with insulting language to her fellow leaders just to gain her political mileage. Uko kutumpa you’re just a woman a woman out of man. Respect is cardinal


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