VIDEO: “UPND are liars, UPND are dangerous for Zambia”-Seer 1



  1. Yes they are natural born liars.

    We have seen for ourselves how dangerous they are. We can see them up close and personal now.

    As voters, we made a mistake. We can correct that in 2026 and make sure they never ever get a chance anywhere near ruling our country.

  2. One USD is equivalent to N 1,500 Naira!
    One Kwacha is equivalent to N55 Naira.
    A bag of Rice is now N77,000 (Kr1,400).
    A bag of Cement is N90,000 (Kr 1,636).
    The ordinary Nigerian is worse off than the ordinary Zambian!
    Nigerians have no kind words for their President Tinubu! They are already missing their former president.
    Why can’t Seer1 help Nigerians? Because he has seen that Zambians are more gullible than Nigerians!
    He will make a lot of money from gullible Zambians between now and 2026!
    Even a mad man can tell you that UPND is in self-destruction mode from Day 1.
    A fool would have succeeded where UPND is failing all because they are a One-man party and the man cannot be advised!
    Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for fool than such a man. This is when I have seen the full meaning of this verse in Proverbs!
    People told UPND not to be in a hurry to export Maize. They refused to listen. Today the country is faced with starvation and we don’t have enough stock. Now we have to foolishly import GMO Maize when we had sufficient stock!
    UPND failed to give enough Fertilizer and seed in 2021/22 farming season when we had better rains. They opted to distribute the commodities selectively in their drought prone stronghold and disadvantaging areas with favorable rainfall. So the impending starvation is not entirely due to drought but failed Agriculture policies of the New Darkness GRZ!
    Zambia’s Debt situation was not fatal. It’s the IMF conditionalities that have killed our economy!
    Leading Economists advised UPND government to call an urgent Indaba to work out a Debt Management Strategy from day 1. The New Darkness people were already intoxicated with the “I Know-it-all attitude.”
    They mortgaged the country to the West.
    Inflation has eaten up ordinary people’s pockets and the poor are barely surviving!
    Now, this is where we are and this is where we need to be wise as citizens!
    UPND has failed like their predecessors PF!
    Replacing one failure (UPND) with another known failure (PF aka UKA Alliance) is suicide!
    This is where Journalists can help the country!
    Ask all citizens who want to aspire to political office to turn up for a tournament in Presidential debates.
    Let the citizens look at new options for leadership.
    If we did that, you will be shocked how many fellow citizens we have who can make better leaders than your current crop of leaders HH and ECL!
    Zambia is bigger than these Two failures! They are not taking us anywhere!
    Who said Zambia can only be governed by ECL and HH?
    Are we not 20 million of us to pick leaders from?
    Madness is choosing or recycling the same failures and expecting different results!
    Let’s permanently retire HH and ECL in 2026!

  3. Danger Kumazulo, please desist insulting your kith and kind Indigo Tyrol, please. Let a once upon time distant visitor to our beautiful country divide us. My problem is the Nigerian government’s failure to discipline their men like Seer 1, Isaac Amata and others who are welcomed in other African countries but eventually turn against such countries when they achieve what they went there for. For example, the Nigerian President His Excellency Mr Tinubu is facing more problems than President HH but Seer 1 does not advise his President in the same manner that he is advising President HH to the exitent of even almost insulting him. Another example, the Naira is almost reaching an eighty hundred (800) mark to a US Dollar but seer1 is quiet on that while the Kwacha is still at twenty seven (27) to a US Dollar.
    (2) Nigeria is a major petroleum producer but often times Nigerians are made to que up for petrol/diesel at filling stations. Seer 1, is this fair?? Nigeria High Commission in Zambia, discipline your men who call themselves as MEN OF GOD OTHERWISE NIGERIA WILL BE SEEN AS AN ACCOMPLISH IN DESTABILIZING ANOTHER SOVEREIGN COUNTRY.

  4. Let me advise both you Seer1 and Isaac Amata especially,. When two Zambians are fighting join in at your own peril because finally they will both turn against you!! Do not think Zambians are very dull and that they don’t know what is happening in your country Nigeria including what had happened in a shanty compound once called MAROKO.

  5. The Bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, you could be a worse liar yourself than the people you are pointing at. If the UPND are liars, then what are PF? Thieves? And these are the people you want to bring back. Did they sign a contract with you or did you sign a contract with them? Why do you want to bring misery and suffering to Zambia again? Do you want to destroy our peaceful Zambia the way you did to your Nigeria? I have just been looking at a World Bank bi-annual report and it says that the worst performing currencies in Africa in the year 2023 were Nigerian Naira and the Angolan Kwanza. According to this report, these two currencies depreciated by 40% in the year under review while the Zambian Kwacha depreciated only by 12%, kwacha being at 26.99/US dollar. The Naira now is 1,550.59 to US dollar while the Kwanza is 832.50 to US dollar. Then when we come to the weakest currencies on the African Continent, Sao Tome & Principe and Sierra Leone top the list, 22,281 dobra to 1 US dollar and 19,678.65 Leone to 1 US dollar. The next five countries include Guinea Bissau, 9,953.00 GNF/US dollar, Madagascar 4,528.28 M Ariary/US dollar, Uganda 3,849.94 UGX/US dollar, Burundi 2,849.94 BIF/US dollar, DRC 2,752.27/dollar and Tanzania 2,540.00 TS/US dollar. So Seer 1 is better off to concentrate on poorly performing Nigerian economy than making noise on Zambia which is doing very fine. When UPND came to power, the kwacha was at 23/us dollar and two and half years down the line, it is still at 26.99/us dollar, then UPND are many times better liars than the thieving and corrupt PF and our country is much safer in the hands of the visionary HH than the visionless Lungu who plunged our country into all this mess we are experiencing now. So I want to urged HH and all our leaders to continue fixing their eyes on the ball, don’t be detracted by visionless people who are regrouping to start plundering our money and resources again. Nigeria is sea linked and a major oil producing country in Africa and yet it is performing so bad, unfortunately, Seer 1 is not seeing anything, please leave HH, UPND and Zambia alone, concentrate on your Nigeria.

  6. Thank you Mr Chikubabe, Citizen and Gunner in Zambia for joining me in telling the truth. I appreciate. These Nigerian so called men of GOD are liars themselves. Some people like me who were privileged to stay with these Nigerians during our government official duties, know very well what kind of people they are. I really thank you. SEER1 and Amata should not confuse us Zambians like they are in Mushin, Apapa Port and most parts of the country (Nigeria).


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