1. Kasonde Mwenda is an information digger. Keep it up Mr. President with your good work. I love this man for his facts. He does not speak from nowhere.

  2. Zambians surprise me. Even on straight forward matters they seem not get it. The teachers being talked about where employed before UPND government came in to power but the new dawn government decided to give them a chance to resit for the subject they had failed instead of firing them. The problem with most of the people commenting they have so much hatred that they believe anything someone says provided it aligns with their belief. If these teachers being talked about were fired immediately UPND took office, the same people complaining would be have been complaining that people are getting fired simple reasons. I’m afraid with such kind people, Zambia will not move forward in development.

  3. After listening to the clip, you can see that it was not the person speaking but his emotions. Kasond Mwenda is always a bitter person and there is nothing positive he can say about HH or anyone in UPND. People should know that when recruitments are done, each of the ten Provinces of Zambia is given a good share of positions which are further given to all the districts in the country. At that level, that is where the national level ends, the Provinces and Districts take over. The Minister does not to go to Provinces and Districts to go and recruit his relatives, he remains in Lusaka with his PS waiting for the recruitments to be conducted. If people are employed without Grade 12 certificates, it is not the Minister’s or PS’s problem. Kasonde Mwenda knows that the verification of Grade 12 results is done by ECZ and their offices are there in all the ten Provinces of Zambia. So if some people were recruited without Grade 12 certificates, then the problem could have been with ECZ and not necessarily with the Minister or his PS. Then we also want to know the Province(s) or District(s) where those people were recruited from because generalizing is not good, it does not give us a clear picture of the problem, we also want to know where the problem is originating from. From there, thorough investigations should be carried out to find out the culprits because it was wrong for any district or province to receive and submit results of people who do not meet the minimum qualifications for the job as per advertisement. Once those people are found, heads should roll and the same Minister who is being blamed for their crookedness should act and fire them without showing any mercy. I know and am very optimistic that our hard working Minister Hon. Syakalima will do it. The Teaching Service Commission should also be taken to task; how did such an embarrassing thing happen under its watch? May be it also needs to be dissolved.

  4. Iwe citizen fuseke be real. You are the useless baboons promoting wrong things in the nation.So you want Kasonde Mwenda to keep quiet even if he has seen awrong being committed by your unperforming upnd government.

  5. Kaonde Mwenda performed a similar act concerning water levels in Lake Kariba. And Iam disappointed that some people do not realise that clip this useless chap is using relates a parliamentary committee looking an issue of already serving teachers who had been recruited before 12th August 2021. The report was about already serving teachers who, instead of the UPND government firing them, decided to give them a chance to rewrite. In fact we have a lot PF cadres masquerading as teachers who are still busy rewriting today. I have two teacher- neighbours whom PF brought from different provinces to campaign during the 2021 general elections. These are the issues Parliamentary committee was dealing with. I actually watched that sitting, and the report was brought to a conclusion to the satisfaction of the members of that committee.
    I heard that Kasonde Mwenda was harassed by some angry people. Maybe he asked for it.


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