1. A fool is also entitled to foolish opinions, that is why diapers are sold everywhere, just in case a fool decides not to vomit but to shit. STUPID IDIOT.

    • When will BB be given a ministerial post by HH? His saliva and tongue are wearing out.Save him from shoe pollish poisoning!!!

    • Some Zambian lawyers are a disaster. No wonder one of them ended up stealing a poor widow’s money. To them stealing is not a big deal. You entrust such people with presidency they will steal big time.The Ubomba mwibala clan is a disgraced and discredited lot.

  2. A crime is a crime and must be treated as such, irrespective of who commits it.

    As KBF knows, the President should never interfere in judicial processes. It is therefore wrong to put blame on the President regarding judicial processes the former President’s family is going through.

    • Monze Sec school 1st alumnus too much nonsense in your submission. My village secondary school can’t produce such pin brained idiots like you.

  3. We are all Zambian’s who have been in this country through various types of leadership, you are no authority in this line of judgement because we were all there. So shut up

  4. That comparison is the most useless that we can ever have. How can blood soiled hands be better than clean hands? That’s poor judgment.

  5. Why does the media give these people space to disparaging one man parties complaining of no democratic space while they are on air spreading untruthfulness. You have a case before the court so just concentrate on how you’re going to defend yourself with the money laundering case you have been charged with. Let Daliso also present to the court where he earned the money to buy those vehicles and show how much tax he had paid. The same thing applies to Tasila and all the PF members that have been charged. Produce proof of your earnings and proof of purchase. This is not asking too much. Your son is in prison in the US! An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  6. He sounds like one former UPND VP who, after HH refused to come to his aid, said the president hates any mention of God. Give him a job and he will bay praises and forget all this sour tirade he is unleashing.

  7. Poor reporter, jow come they fail to ask these people to substantiate the “shrinking democratic space”. The hatred for one person has continued because you the media made this joker of a lawyer believe he had a lot if influence when he joined an alliance with UPND; you made him believe and raised an expectation in him, that HH would choose him to be his running mate. He was shunned and expelled from PF for wanting to stand against Edgar and for standing out that Edgar was not legible to stand as president again. Today he says Edgar has a good heart and was a better leader? Ba reporter you are a let down. Interrogate him on his allegations, or are you so without background i information on this chap that you went there at his invitation only to hear what he wanted you to print? Disgusting reporting


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